Friday, May 19, 2017

Read an Excerpt From A Stranger She Can Trust by Regan Black


Heart-racing romance, breathless suspense!

In USA TODAY bestselling author Regan Black's new Escape Club Heroes thriller, a guarded man builds a future with a woman without a past…

Outside of one of Philadelphia’s busiest nightclubs, a woman stumbles from her taxi. Beaten and bruised, Melissa Baxter is an amnesiac with a target on her back. Gun-shy, Melissa relies on a handsome hero to help her uncover who she really is.

Carson Lane—a paramedic with his own dark history—can’t help but bring this beautiful, vulnerable woman under his wing. Still reeling from his partner’s murder, he's no stranger to risk. But as he and Melissa begin unraveling the mystery of who she really is, Carson realizes falling in love could be the biggest risk of all.

Escape Club Heroes: Off-duty justice, full-time love…


Carson paused, breathing in the cool spring air rolling off the Delaware River and sighing it out again in an attempt to let go of the past. Up and down the pier, businesses were bustling with customers cutting loose and making the most of Friday night. From this shore and on the far bank of New Jersey, lights sparkled and danced in the reflection of the water. Boats cruised slowly, leaving ghostly trails behind them. From his vantage point, the traffic on the bridge was little more than a murmur of white noise.
His best friend Sarah had died on a hot and humid summer night. He’d survived winter and the holidays without her, made it through Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, too. Didn’t people connect hope and fresh starts with springtime? Maybe this new season could break the cycle of grief plaguing him.
He searched out the brighter stars in the sky, trying to recall the constellations. Maybe he should pull out the old telescope and set it up again. It would be one positive way to pass the dark, lonely hours. “Be in the present,” he said aloud, coaching himself. “Let go and start living.”
The advice didn’t bring an immediate result. He supposed it was absurd to think a deep breath and a few new words would offer any relief.
Turning at the sound of an engine, he held up a hand to shield his eyes from the glare of headlights as a big car pulled to a stop at the side of the club. He saw a typical white city taxicab with a familiar logo on the back door. Then a slender woman pushed it open and stumbled out.
“Hey!” The driver jumped out, as well. “You owe me money, lady.”
“I…” The woman frowned at her empty hands. “I don’t have money.” She wobbled, looking around. “Where—”
“Wait right there!” The cabbie rushed around the car to confront her.
Sensing trouble, Carson dashed forward as the woman tripped and started to fall. He caught her, willing his knee to hold up for both of them. “Back off,” he warned the cabbie.
“She owes me the fare.”
“I’ll cover it.” Carson eased the woman down to sit on a discarded pallet. Despite the shadows, he could tell she wasn’t well. Drunk or stoned, the visible fresh scrapes and bruises on her face and arms implied someone had taken a few swipes at her recently. “What happened to her?”
“How the hell do I know? She got in the car that way.”
Carson looked at the woman. “Is that true?” She only stared up at him, shying away from the cabbie. “Bring me her purse.”
“No purse.” The driver gestured at the empty backseat. “Just her.”

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