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Get The Broke Billionaire by Ann Omasta FREE



Billionaire Trey Donovan feels broke in the ways that truly matter... love, passion, friendship, loyalty, intimacy, and desire. Will Ellie Thorne change that or break him for good?

Distracted and tired, Ellie did not expect anyone else to be on the road as she drove to her bakery, Snickerdoodle, at the crack of dawn.

Trey was out for an early morning jog, attempting to escape some of the stress and pressure that surrounded him at his corporate empire.

Ellie had no idea that the mysterious, handsome pedestrian she hit with her car was powerful business tycoon, Trey Donovan, and he intended to keep it that way.

Will he be able to win her heart without using his money as a crutch? Is she the woman he's been waiting for, or will she leave him even more broken than before?

Find out now in The Broke Billionaire because you deserve a dashing and sweet billionaire book boyfriend.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Hightail It to Kinsey Falls by Gayle Leeson



All work and no play make Jade a dull girl.

Jade Burt can do without her grandmother’s meddling in her love life. But when Millie finds an abandoned baby possum, it leads her to Caleb Young. Caleb would be perfect for Jade! When Jade meets Caleb, it’s hard to argue with her grandmother’s choice. Still, Jade is determined to push Caleb away, but his friendship with Millie concerns her. What if he’s a slick con man trying to take advantage of a sweet old lady? Jade needs to figure Caleb out before he breaks her grandmother’s heart…and Jade’s too!


This is a novella and not a cozy (even though the author does write cozies) but it was so enjoyable! I think what I liked best was the conversion of a former mall into micro apartments with retail on the first floor. I have read about this and think it is brilliant marketing and a great way to use an abandoned building. There were so many great characters in this story and I can only see more depth to the characters to be developed over future books. Jade has trust issues but I think she learns to overcome them in this book. She has a fantastic grandmother that I think anyone would want to welcome into the family. And the story would not be complete without a handsome male that works his way through Jade's apprehension and into her heart. And then there is Perry the Possum....he has a minor role but it is what brings everyone together. I can't wait to see what is next for this series. We give it 5 paws up! - Storeybook Reviews


What inspires your writing?
I came up with the idea for the Kinsey Falls series after watching our local mall slowly die and then reading an article where a developer turned a mall into both micro-apartments and retail space. I thought that would be an excellent premise for a series.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live and why?
I think I'd live right here in southwest Virginia but in a house with a library. And more land.

Can you tell me if animals are running around in your life like they are in the series you have written?
Yes! And if I had more land, I'd probably have more animals. We have Cooper, a Great Pyrenees, who is "the sweetest puppy ever there was" even though he's eight years old now. I bought him from a woman who was selling the puppies on the side of the road. He was trying to find shade under a lawn chair, so I stopped and got him. Pepper a/k/a Pepper Louise (because one day I was scolding her and needed a middle name) is a cat who is sixteen years old, by our best estimate. She was a rescue. She was rebellious in her earlier years. She once ran away from home and got her ear pierced. Actually, she got trapped in our neighbor's garage and managed to get a fish hook through her ear. But you can see what we're dealing with. I was so worried about her. I was walking around outside calling her name, and I heard her distinctive meow: "Hellow! Hellow!" Me: "I hear you, but I don't see you! Keep talking!" And that's how I finally saw her peeping out of the garage window. In addition to those two, we have two feral cats who were born in our backyard. They're also members of the family, and I could regale you with stories about them, but that would make this interview way too long.

What writers/books did you cut your teeth on?
I loved Nancy Drew, of course. Later it was Victoria Holt.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Read an Excerpt from Love under Contract by Dean Hodel


Barnes & Noble

Michael Travers gambled on love and lost big. When the woman of his dreams rejected him, he locked his heart up and went to work. Money has been his mantra, god, and king ever since. However, when his job at Families, Inc. sends him to fix the competition for a large corporation, it lands Michael right back into the life of the woman who broke her heart.

Sadonna Alston learned the value of hard work and following the rules. It’s what got her a scholarship to college and pushed her to open her own non-profit company called Quality Homes. Now, someone is breaking the rules and putting all her hard work at risk.

Families, Inc. wants to buy her out, and they’ll use any trick they can -including pitting her against the man who once held her heart.

As old feelings resurface, will Sadonna and Michael be able to keep their livelihoods, and not lose their hearts? With everything they love on the line, Sadonna and Michael will need to decide if they have a love that breaks all the rules or one that makes the rules.

Love Under Contract is a sweet romance, with a touch of mystery, and a dash of intrigue that will make you believe in a second chance to get it right.


“Michael, I have to ask if you plan on staying around.  You made a lot of promises, and my aunt doesn’t need any more problems or disappointments.”
“I’m not passing through the night. I care for Sadonna, and I plan on staying if she’ll have me.
“Okay, and Pop is staying too, right?”
“Yeah, we’re a pair.”
“Good. Sadonna likes family.  I just want you to be sure. Now that you know the answer to the problem, you might not want to stay.”
“What does that mean?”
Christopher sighed. “I’m saying I know some guys like a mystery, and then when they go to the sex step, it’s over.”
“Is that what you think of me, Christopher?”
Christopher looked away. “Okay, so let me ask you, what do you like about my aunt?”
“I think she’s smart, too giving, and very compassionate.”
Christopher held up his hands. “Whoa, you can stop there.”
“Are you happier now?
“Well, yes, I am. I wanted to make sure you could name something about her and not what she does. The last guy sounded like he liked her resume. I hope my aunt and my mother find someone who likes the amazing people they are.”
Michael nodded. “Are we good?”
“Yeah, and you’ll let me know about the guy around my mom?”
“You got it.” Michael watched Christopher go back into the building and got in the car with Pop.

About the Author:

The only thing that could rival Dean's love of Sweets in the bakery are strong, independent women.He writes about love in different phases of life and bold women who don't believe in waiting for someday.His heroines believe in two ideas: every day is a gift, and true love is worth taking a chance on.

Find Dean Online:

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