Monday, October 1, 2018

Breaking Challenges ~ The Davis Twins Series: The Next Generation by Ann Omasta



The next generation of Davis twins is here, and these dashing heroes are just as sexy and full of surprises as the first set of Davis twin brothers.

Tyler Davis has finally accepted that his identical twin brother, Tristan, will always be the golden one. The only thing that truly matters to Ty is his long-term crush, Alexis Bell. He longs for beautiful, lovable Lexi to choose him.

Tristan Davis is sexy, charismatic, and charming. He's a winner. It's not his fault that his twin brother isn't. Tristan knows how Ty feels about Lexi, but the gorgeous, witty, and sexy female is drawn to him, rather than Ty. What is Tristan supposed to do--turn her away?

Dirk Davis is the forgotten, neglected, and second-rate Davis. He wasn't born as a pampered twin, but he is determined to gain acceptance into the folds of his family--even if he has to force his way in.

These three handsome heroes will face shocking twists, unexpected turns, and potentially breaking challenges on their quests for happily-ever-after endings.

Join them now as they search for the true meaning of kinship, forgiveness, and love--the trifecta of delightful Davis family traditions--because you deserve a new swoon-worthy Davis brother book boyfriend.

This novel can be read as a sizzling standalone or as Book 4 of The Davis Twins Series.

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