Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Bonus Your Way to Profits! by Gary Brose



Change your Corporate Culture! Re-energize your company by restructuring your compensation package. Motivate your employees to care about the same things You do with a bonus program process that works Every time! 30 years of trial and error has produced a blueprint for increasing profits by restructuring your employee compensation process and paying for performance rather than promises. Learn how to increase productivity without increasing costs . . . simply by paying a portion of pay for meeting specific goals rather than just for showing up and punching in. Learn the 8 Essential Elements of a Quality Bonus Program and how you can make it work perfectly every time! When your employees care as much as you do, growth is unstoppable!

Why do we pay people?   OK, I know that sounds like a stupid question.  But think about it.
As business owners, we run ads for applicants; we screen them; we interview them the first
time; we interview them a second time, we offer a job; we schedule them in for training; we
train them for a reasonable period of time ... and then what?  After that, what are our
criteria for paying people?  Let me put it another way.  What is it that a new employee does
during their first few weeks and months after training that triggers a paycheck?
Still stumped?  Sorry, but the answer is so obvious that you probably overlooked it.  You
know it already.  What do they do to trigger a paycheck?  They show up!  THEY SHOW UP!
In the most innovative nation on the face of the earth, we have embraced the business
philosophy of paying our people ... for showing up!  Virtually every company in the USA
today, pays people 100% of their salary for showing up and making an effort.  Sure, after a
period of time, management will identify who contributes and who doesn't but until
disciplinary action is taken, everyone continues to get paid ... for showing up.  So here we
are, in the country that founded the free enterprise system, facing the greatest economic
crisis of our lifetimes, and we are doing battle against those forces armed with the business
strategy of paying people for showing up!

I think there is a better way.  I've always thought that but it took me a long time to figure it
out.  So, I'm not the quickest thinker but I'm a very effective plodder.  What I learned
addresses the whole issue of WHY we pay people.  And, as it turns out, it's not so important
how much or how little you pay.  What is much more important is WHY you pay.  Yes, you
can still pay people for showing up.  Just don't pay them everything.  Part of their
compensation should be a result of showing up and part should be a result of their specific
performance.  Addressing that issue, via compensation restructuring, has the potential of
solving a wide variety of problems for companies in every industry.  So now we know the
WHY.  The rest of this book deals with the HOW!

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