Friday, November 30, 2018

Get It Doesn't Show Signs of Stopping by Geralyn Corcillo FREE



In this 12K short story, Los Angeles jazz club owner Dan Allport has been flirting with Tanya Diaz via text for months, ever since he met her that one day she was in town last fall. But she had to fly back to New Orleans, where she runs a center for troubled teens, and it seems so unlikely that they'll ever get to see one another again. But then on Christmas Eve, Tanya gets the chance to go see Dan. If she can make it through a storm up from the gulf, an unexpected adventure with two teenagers, and the unpredictable calamities of flaming rum punch, she just might get to do more than texting with Dan this Christmas.

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  1. Hi Amy, Thanks for sharing the news of my free story with your followers! Happy Holiday Season to everyone!


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