Monday, December 10, 2018

Champagne at the Grand Hotel by Amie Denman and May Williams

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Setting the stage for romance…

Location and set director Wade Harris is a master at envisioning movie scenes. He’s driven in his work and ambitious to advance his career, which sometimes puts him at odd with others including the talented Ginny Morgan. She loves to design and create period costumes for films, confidently weaving together artistry, skill, and a sunny attitude.

When Wade and Ginny come together on beautiful White Pine Island for the filming of The Heiress and Her Love, the stage is set for an unexpected prior attraction to develop. Even though they are both masters of illusion in their work, the emotions between them are undeniably real. All signs point to a happy ending until Wade’s ambitions get in the way of their love, causing him to break off their relationship. Can Wade stage a scene to re-capture Ginny’s heart?

Can true love steal the show?

Della Stratford has found her home on White Pine Island. No longer tagging along with her professional athlete brother, she has her own life and loves her freedom as much as the island air and the elegant Grand Hotel where she works part time. Never again does she want to be a footnote in someone else’s life, but when a movie crew shows up to film a historical romance at the hotel, Della finds leading man Byron Campbell hard to resist.

Byron Campbell has travelled the world and enjoyed the lifestyle of a Hollywood action hero and leading man. Serious about his craft, he has few regrets about his path. However, when he takes the professional risk of starring in a period piece at the elegant Grand Hotel on White Pine Island, he has no idea that acting in a film set a century earlier will bring him face to face with the beautiful Della—who may be his best chance for future happiness.

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  1. Thanks, Amy! We hope our readers will enjoy this set of sweet novellas!


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