Thursday, December 6, 2018

Christmas Love Affair by Amie Denman and Mary Williams

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Hope Kingsley lives her dream of running the candy and coffee shop in downtown Kenyon Cove, Maine. At the Candy Cove, her customers can count on sweet treats and a warm welcome. She has everything she wants, but when a handsome dentist comes to town and occupies the space next to her store, the temptation is too much to resist. He’s quiet, but his smile tells her he’d make her Christmas a lot sweeter if he’d let down his guard.

Edmund Foster expects Kenyon Cove to be just the next rung on the ladder he’s using to rebuild his career after his former office manager violated his heart, his trust, and the law. Spending only a few months at a time as a substitute dentist throughout the state of Maine, he doesn’t know if or when he’ll ever be able to put down roots. However, one taste of Hope’s sweetness has him wishing for a new beginning with the help of some Christmas magic.

Maggie Kenyon loves the small town in Maine she calls home. She’s a member of the town council, a local business owner, and more than a little interested in the police department’s newest officer, Owen Starr. Although Owen attempts to mind his own business as he adjusts to life in Kenyon Cove, he’s unable to keep his mind off Maggie. Their two encounters in past months have both ended in her bed, yet he resists his attraction for her.

When Maggie tells him she’s pregnant with his baby, Owen wants to do the right thing and start a relationship for the sake of their unborn child. Maggie agrees to a relationship, but what she really wants is his love. Can the magic of the Christmas season bring them both the unexpected gifts of a family and lasting love?

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