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The End of the Maid by Vi Zetterwall

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In the first three books of the Maid of Salerno series, five ultra-rich citizens banded together to find the one woman they were certain could lead them against the powerful magistrates that controlled what was left of the United States in the early 2070’s. Cassiopeia Serrell survived every test and became the one they selected to lead the effort to reunify America.

In 2019, a computer virus destroyed most of the power plants in North America plunging the continent into darkness. A few months later, with no electricity and weaker defense systems, terrorists blew up the capitol buildings, killed the leaders, and decapitated the government. Over the next fifty years, self-proclaimed magistrates moved into the power void and took control of states and regions in the country. With no one to oppose them, they made their own laws, seized control, taxed the people to death, and solidified their power base.

Cassie Serrell lived her life in a squatter’s settlement. Her deeds and her bravery in saving her town from destruction caught the attention of the Five and now they’ve decided she is the one on whom to bet the future of America. In this final book, she challenges the strongest of the magistrates, hoping to bring them down one at a time and reform a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Her Rebel to Kiss by Debra Salonen Excerpt

How can it be the LAST week of January? Scary, isn’t it?
That means my FREE promo of Her Hero To Love – Book I of the Love, Montana series is coming to an end soon. I shared a First Kiss from Book II – Her Rogue To Tame last week, so here’s a First Kiss snippet from Her Rebel To Kiss, the final book in the series.
I had a lot of fun with this book, and researching the climbing locale in Santa Barbara was pure bliss. If you ever have a chance to hang out along that stretch of southern California coastline, I highly recommend driving inland for some spectacular views and a surprising piece of history.

 Excerpt HER REBEL TO KISS © Tule Publishing:
“It’s that time, my friends. Grab a glass of champagne and that special person. Here we go. Ten…nine…”
Bailey’s voice got drowned out by the crowd.
He closed his arms around Nicole to keep her safe as more people flooded onto the dance floor.
“Six,” she said, looking directly into his eyes. The lights had come up so he could study the subtle hues mixed in the blue of her irises.
Beautiful eyes. Familiar, somehow.
“Five,” a voice boomed to his left.
Tucker, who was holding Amanda the same way Justin held Nicole, gave Justin a guy-nod that seemed to say, “Way to go, bro!”
Justin liked to think he didn’t need his friends’ validation to feel good about his choices, but this time he was navigating new waters. Dangerous waters. This woman was about to become his boss. That couldn’t be good.
But Nicole didn’t feel dangerous or threatening.
She felt as though she’d been made to dance with him. They fit together perfectly. He liked every thing about her, except her job.
“Three…” If he and Nicole were going to do this, he had to make sure they had an end game in place.
New Year’s Eve. Maybe the weekend. They’d play that part by ear, but after Monday nothing could happen between them.
“Two,” he said softly.
“One,” she whispered, looking into his eyes with a question he was ready to answer.
“Happy New Year.”
“Happy New Year,” he said before lowering his head to press his lips to hers.
He expected the usual few minutes of testing the waters, feeling each other out, but that didn’t happen. From the moment their lips met, he felt as if he’d crossed the Rubicon. This wasn’t a one-time deal. They’d done this a million times. Together. Theirs was a reunion of souls kissing across eons, remembering.
Her lips parted, her tongue seeking his without hesitation. He hadn’t expected such frankness, but her greedy pleasure made him need more, too.
He closed his eyes and immersed himself in her sweetness, a combination of honey and spice. He would have gone on exploring this newfound fascination forever if not for the sensation of something touching his head. He pulled back and look around.
“The balloons,” Nicole cried, letting go of him to tap at the large white, gold and silver balloons cascading around them.
Confetti shot from somewhere nearby added to the glitter and excitement. Nicole was pulled from his arms to exchange air kisses and hugs with perfect strangers. Justin found himself in a bear hug, too.
“Helluva thing, huh? Beats the crap out of last year,” Tucker said.
Justin clapped Tucker on the back. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”
“I mean starting the year off with someone you care about. There’s a first time for everything, Ona always says.”
Ona, Tucker’s Cajun grandmother, was a font of truisms. Justin had met her twice and loved the dear woman as the grandmother he’d never had. I wonder what Ona would say about me kissing my future boss? Probably something arcane about not defecating where you eat, damn it.
He caught up with Nicole before anyone else could dance her away. He grabbed her hand and spun her slightly off-balance back into his arms. “Unfinished business,” he mumbled against her lips.
She may have started to protest but her reaction changed the minute she realized this kiss meant business. His tongue wasn’t polite or inquisitive. Justin knew what he wanted, and it started now. They were both breathless when he broke off the kiss before embarrassing himself too badly. His body reacted to her in a way he didn’t remember happening with any of his previous lovers.
“You’re coming with me, right?”
“That depends on which of our rooms is closer.”
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Happy reading, my friends! 

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Journey of the Maid: The Final Test by Vi Zetterwall

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In Journey of the Maid, book three of the four-book Maid of Salerno series, Cassie Serrell faces the seventh and final test to determine if she will be a leader of the underground movement to take America back from the criminal overlords that rule it in the 2060’s.

Fifty years after The Darkening, a series of terrorist attacks that left the USA without electrical power or political leadership, most Americans are poor, defenseless, and desperate. Facing a bleak future, five ultra-rich patriots have banded together and committed their fortunes in one last attempt to save the country.

Cassie finds herself in the middle of the maelstrom facing the hard reality of too much to do and too little time. She strives to win the last test to be the One selected by The Five, but she knows what the odds are. And she knows what she faces: One broken country, one power-mad tyrant, one woman against all odds, one plan…and one last chance.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Get a Sneak Peek at Her Rogue to Tame by Debra Salonen

Because the first book in my Love, Montana series (HER HERO TO LOVE) is part of a FREE promotion through Valentine’s Day, I thought you might enjoy a snippet from the second book in the series: HER ROGUE TO TAME.

When I started brainstorming this series, I thought the heroes would be part of Tule's Hot Shot collection, but then I met Flynn, Tucker and Justin. These three unique individuals shared two things in common: they were best friends—united by a bond of brotherhood that pulled them through the fires of hell and one devastating loss—and they were ready for a change. Flynn's connection to Montana (his younger brother is the hero in Montana Darling) brought them to Marietta and the rest is...well, the stuff romance novels are made of.
Here's Tucker and Amanda's first kiss. Enjoy. You can be sure Tucker did. :-)

He let out a sigh of relief when he saw Justin catch up to Amanda. They were arguing but Tucker couldn't hear a word over the rumble of a second cement truck idling in line. The concrete guys all huddled in readiness to shovel the wet cement into the hole and spread it around the four-foot square base as soon as the wet concoction started down the chute.
At the last possible second, Justin snatched the box from Amanda's hands and dove for the hole. Luckily, the plan called for six inches of cement to go into the hole as a base for the pole that would then be raised in place using winches and pulleys.
Tucker held his breath as he saw Justin check the box and then reach into the hole as far as he could. A second later, with the help of two concrete guys, he popped back to his feet.
Justin spun around to give Tucker a thumbs-up gesture at the same moment Amanda kicked him in the shins and stormed off.
Tucker was still laughing when Amanda reached him. "Your friend's a glory hog. That was my job."
"He didn't want you to get dirty."
"You didn't trust me to do it right."
It struck him that he and Justin accidentally had hurt her feelings. Did society girls suffer from wounded pride the way normal people did? "I was afraid you were going to break your neck or get run over by the cement truck."
She crossed her arms and glared at him. "I'm tougher than I look. You have to be to survive in a family like mine. Next time you ask for my help, forget it."
He moved closer and did something he knew he'd regret later. He grabbed her firmly by the shoulders, letting his crutches fall. Balancing all his weight on his good leg, he pulled to him and kissed her. Hard, but not fast. The opposite of fast. He took his time to experience every damn nuance, like how she resisted him for three and a half seconds. And how, when she gave in, her mouth softened and her lips parted to invite him in.
The thought crossed his mind that this was an I'll-remember-this-moment-forever sort of thing. Was it? Would he never forget the first time he kissed Amanda Heller?
Of course not. She was just a pretty girl who kissed like a damn siren luring him to the wicked rocks where he'd crash and burn. There was nothing special about her, he told himself. Other than her taste, maybe. Honey sweet but with some intangible something all her own.
But even if Amanda was different from all the others he'd kissed--and enjoyed--over the years, she most definitely wasn't a long-term prospect. God, no. Not that he was looking for a forever love--something he knew existed because Ona and Twig had been inseparable right up till the day he died.
But even if Tucker bought into that happily-ever-after fantasy, he had way too much on his plate to get involved with Amanda Heller--even for the short term.
Too bad he had a feeling that decision was completely out of his hands. Her kiss told him she might be up for a little tryst he decided to call: "Roommates with benefits."

If that enticed you enough to read more, here's the Books2Read Universal buy link to your preferred vendor: ROGUE
Happy reading, my friends!

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