Monday, January 14, 2019

Get Her Hero to Love by Debra Salonen FREE!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friends!

I’m excited to share two bits of good news: first, my new 3-book series for Tule Publishing as been approved. I’m just waiting on the contract to finalize the release dates and titles, but I believe all three will be released consecutively in spring of 2020.

And, second, HER HERO TO LOVE is FREE at all vendors through Valentine’s Day.

If you haven’t read any of my Tule Publishing series, this book might be just the ticket. It’s first in my 3-book Love, Montana, series, and it has some fun and unexpected ties to my Big Sky Maverick series (although it’s a stand-alone book in its own right).

Because I’m a big fan of family sagas, I often choose to write about characters connected by birth, but not this time. The three heroes of the Love, Montana series are best friends. As different in personality and background as the Three Musketeers,  Flynn, Tucker and Justin, are heroes in their own way—and hunks, any way you define the word.

What’s your favorite Three Musketeer movie? Here’s a clip from one of mine (the 1973 version)

During Flynn Bensen's last wildfire rescue, a woman died despite Flynn's best efforts to save her. He can’t escape his sense of failure or recurring nightmares, but he can escape to Marietta, Montana, to a new job as the head of Crawford County Search and Rescue. When he meets his scorching hot co-worker on his first day, Flynn feels like he might have just jumped from one wild fire to another that threatens to burn out of control despite his determination to keep a safe distance.

Outspoken, direct, and ambitious Kat Robinson isn’t thrilled to have a new boss—after all, if the timing had been different, she’d have been a shoe-in for Flynn’s job. But a single mom of a ten-year-old son knows where her priorities lay—with Brady, the light of her life. No way is she looking for a relationship and co-workers are always off limits. Too bad Flynn’s so darn hot, gorgeous, kind and authentic.

Will Flynn be the hero Kat needs to help her find the courage to fall in love again?


The Love, Montana series
Book 1: Her Hero to Love
Book 2: Her Rogue to Tame
Book 3: Her Rebel to Kiss

May 2019 bring you many blessings, good health and moments of sweet serenity!

As always…happy reading!


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  1. Thank you, Amy, and Happy Monday -- in my world: old on to you hat, it's BookBub day!!! ;-)



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