Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Read an Excerpt from Memories After Midnight by Linda Wisdom



Beautiful corporate attorney Alexandra Spencer was used to being in control – of her work and her life. Nothing deterred her until she was attacked in what was thought a random mugging. Except the violent street crime resulted in partial memory loss, Alex was suddenly helpless, and naturally turned to the one person she trusted to help her.

Too bad their shared past caused a speed bump in their lives.

Detective Dylan Parker couldn’t believe Alex’s head injury caused partial amnesia with the loss of the last two years of her life, including all memory of their bitter divorce. In her eyes, they were still married. Yet once he realized that a stalker was after her, he knew he couldn’t – wouldn’t – leave her side until the danger was gone. Living in close quarters gave them a second chance along with Alex’s realization that many of those memories might be gone forever. As small pieces of Alex’s past came back, she and Dylan knew they were ready to give each other a second chance…. If they could survive long enoug.


How could she have been so stupid?

Alexandra Spencer took great pride in having a strong instinct for trouble. As a corporate attorney, she was known for her ability to ferret out a client's deepest secrets and never failed to uncover the truth if she felt a client was lying to her.

So how did she miss something this important?

Dylan would have a field day if he knew about this. Her insides tightened at the idea of her ex-husband finding out his ex-wife, who always made sure every i was dotted and every t crossed, had a dirty client that could land her in trouble with the Bar Association. Just because she could state she wasn't aware of her client's illegal doings didn't mean it couldn't come back to bite her in her integrity.

And all because she found an unlabeled flash drive  in her briefcase and took a quick look at it on her notebook computer only to discover she'd somehow picked up something that didn't belong to her but displayed clear-cut evidence of her client's nefarious activities. Now she wished she had thrown the flash drive away. If it ever came to light, her reputation would be in shreds and disbarment would have been only the beginning of her career's downward spiral.

Once upon a time Detective Dylan Parker would have teased her mercilessly that she should know better than to read the contents of flash drives that didn't belong to her. Too bad she hadn't thought about that before opening the files. She wished she could make the damn thing suddenly disappear and erase all memory of its contents. What a mess!

Thoughts of her ex-husband had been stealing into her mind lately; just as they had last year on the anniversary of their divorce. Alex knew why. She'd never failed at anything - until her marriage. But then she hadn't tried as hard as she could have, had she? Instead, she worried more about pleasing her clients than holding her marriage together. That particular thought bounced her mind back to the dirty client who now sent her temper soaring.

Her week-long business trip to San Francisco had gone smoothly, until the last day. For a woman who believed in keeping her life tidy, she sure managed to stir up a mess in a short amount of time.

With swift steps, she headed across the airport parking lot to her car, vowing that first thing in the morning she would waste no time in tossing said client to the curb. Time to take out the trash.

"This might well be one of those British thrillers," Alex muttered as she searched for her car in the dusk-and the misty gray fog rolling in didn't help matters any. The mercury-vapor lamps that had just flickered on did nothing more than lend an ominous glow to her surroundings. It seemed as if her plane had barely landed when the fog descended on the land. She could hear the faint hum of the security guard's cart patrolling the other end of her aisle, and a muffled conversation between two men who were having trouble finding their cars in the next. With the chilly fog swirling around her, she knew how they felt, though she also knew she had nothing to worry about as she finally spotted her car. Still, she felt unusually tense--even uneasy-and realized she'd feel a lot better once she rid herself of her slimy client.

She shifted her briefcase strap over one shoulder while pulling her small suitcase behind her, using her thumb to hit a speed-dial number on her cell phone. As soon as she heard the recorded greeting she tapped out the two numbers that would connect her to her assistant's voice mailbox. "Hi, Janet, it's me back from the trip from hell. I know I say it every time, but this time I mean it. From now on it's the train. I can't handle flying in those small commuter airplanes." Alex finally reached her car and stopped at the driver's door, disarming the alarm with the keyless remote that also unlocked the door. "I need you to pull some files for me. I have to make some-"

Rapid footsteps sounded behind her. She started to turn but a sharp pain to the side of her head blocked all thought. It happened so swiftly she didn't have time to cry out. Alex's head connected with the unforgiving metal door of her car; then her world turned black.


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