Friday, September 10, 2021

Read an Excerpt from Line of Fire by Taylor Lee



Discover how challenging elections can be when sex and violence are in the mix.

Facing political opponents is a piece of cake for Gia. Facing her insecurities about her superstar lover is another matter.

Gia’s unconquerable political skills make winning the election a sure thing. If only she was as confident of her ability to capture and keep her inimitable lover. The arrival of one of his former paramours doesn’t help. Particularly, when the sexy blonde agent isn’t above sowing seeds of doubt in the insecure Gia—just for the heck of it.

Corrupt doesn’t begin to describe Gia’s political opponents. Try hooking up with international terrorists. Oh yes, and silencing a pregnant mistress when necessary. They might have been able to get away with it, if not for Logan and his super- secret agent team.

Unfortunately, the villains conclude if they can’t take Gia down at the polls they’ll have to take her down… permanently.


The tall, blonde woman gazed in the mirror at the gray-haired man sprawled on the bed across the room. His head was thrown back against the headboard. His eyes were closed; a greasy sheen dampened his forehead. With her back to him, Nadia was able to study him unhindered. Not that he was likely to notice her surveillance. It was clear he was much too agitated to pay attention to anything but his own anxieties. 


Reaching for the bottle of Cîroc Ten vodka, she poured a healthy amount of the crystalline alcohol into a glass and added two ice cubes from the silver ice bucket. Picking up the glass, she planted a soft smile on her face and turned to face him. As she ambled toward him, she allowed her thigh-high negligee to open slightly, revealing the abbreviated lacy slip beneath. 


Swaying her hips from side to side as she closed in on him, Nadia tossed him a sexy wink. “I have a suggestion, Stewart. In fact, I have several.” Eyeing his wrinkled formal attire, she pursed her lips. “May I suggest that you would be more comfortable with fewer clothes?” she teased. “Make that a lot fewer clothes.” When he frowned, she quickly added, “After you take a sip of this extraordinary vodka, that is.”


Reaching for the glass, the agitated man grabbed it with both hands and tossed back the potent alcohol as if it were water. Smacking the glass down on the bedside stand, he rose to his feet and shoved her to the side. Striding across the room toward the floor-to-ceiling window, he looked out into the dark street below, then turned back and glared at her. “I don’t have to tell you that was a challenging meeting, Nadia. You aren’t stupid. If anyone knows how treacherous those fucking Russians are, it’s you. But I swear to God when it comes to outright perfidy, no one beats those vicious Colombian bastards.” 


His voice was strained with anger and stippled with what Nadia knew was fear. Reaching for the silk handkerchief in his breast pocket, he swiped at the sweat glistening on his forehead and upper lip. As if aware that the perspiration on his face intimated the slightly rancid odor emanating from his body, the usually fastidious man stripped off his Versace suit coat and tossed it on the sofa. Grabbing the elaborate bottle of Cîroc Ten and an empty glass, eschewing ice cubes, he filled the glass to the brim with the pricey vodka and sank onto the armchair beside the bed. 


Reaching for the Cîroc Ten, Nadia sidled up next to the agitated man. Murmuring softly, she intoned, “Not to kick a man who’s already paying through his ass for his miscalculation, but from what I understand, you did all this to prevent a nonentity of a woman from winning a race she never could have won?”


He snorted in disgust. “That shows how ignorant you are. In addition to being as accomplished a politician as her ass and her tits are Hustler-worthy, Gia Tremaine, the ‘nonentity,’ is backed by the most accomplished moneyman I’ve ever run up against.” He groaned aloud. “Christ, in addition to banging her, the fucker actually might be in love with her. Which makes Logan Fowler the most dangerous man I’ve ever tangled with. Oh, and to underscore my concerns, apparently the motherfucker is former Special Ops—make that Delta Force.”


“Hmm. Challenging, indeed.” Nadia blew out an audible sigh. “Love and politics. Add the resulting mayhem of illegal contributions—yours—hmm. Not to put too fine a point on it. You appear to be up against a formidable man—not to mention a more than formidable woman . . . ”


Ensuring that the clearly intoxicated man finished what was now his third full glass of eighty-proof alcohol, Nadia managed to get him undressed and onto the bed. Crawling up over him, she sat on his thighs and shot him a sultry gaze. She eased off her negligee, then reached for the hem of the diaphanous slip. In a lazy movement, she inched the filmy concoction over her head and tossed it aside, revealing her naked body. At his groaning albeit inebriated interest, she crawled up over him and positioned herself above his upturned, flushed face. Smiling down at him, she murmured, “C’mon, big guy. You know what I like. What we both like. How about I show you what I can do with that my expert tongue, and then if you’re up for it, you can show me what you can do with yours . . . ” 


Nadia waited until she was sure the snoring man was dead to the world, and would be for some time, then rose to the side of the bed. Slipping on her discarded negligee, she retrieved her phone from the chest drawer. She stole into the bathroom and locked the door securely behind her. Unhooking the faux emerald from the chain at her neck, she clicked the latch. Removing a miniscule drive, she inserted the microSD card into her phone and hit send. 

In minutes, her phone vibrated. Nadia grinned as she read the incoming message. “Damn, Agent Antiov. You haven’t missed a beat since we worked together eight years ago. I should have known if anyone could help us take down that pretentious prick it was you. By the way, naughty lady, thank you for strategically placing the mirror the way that you did. It was nice of you to ensure that all of us egregious voyeurs had an uninterrupted view of your ‘assets’ while you went to work on our target. Particularly when you got him so drunk he couldn’t have gone after your scintillating bod if he’d tried.”

She shot him a disdainful emoticon confirming the drunken man couldn’t have gotten his flaccid dick in her  if his life depended on it. Her grin widened when she read his closing acclamation. “I trust you won’t mind if I add a personal note, Agent? That being that the years haven’t diminished your impressive backside. It is as spectacular as it ever was. —L”




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