Friday, March 27, 2020

Lonesome Mama (The Lonesome Lawmen Book 4) by Pauline Baird Jones



This short story is the final installment in the Lonesome Lawmen series!

Debra Kirby's boys aren't lonesome anymore, and now the long time widow finds herself pining for a bit of adventure and romance in her life. When Donovan Kincaid offers a plane ride to a friend's wedding, neither of them expect trouble, but that's just what they get. Now the "lonesome mama" is having her own adventure and her own romance—if she can survive.

I wrote LONESOME MAMA for the anniversary edition of the release of THE LAST ENEMY, and to be included in the release of a LONESOME LAWMEN bundle for my then-publisher. It seemed to me that the lonesome lawmen’s widowed mama deserved some romance and some suspense.

I often tell people that I commit random acts of writing. Some writers call it “seat of the pants,” others “into the mist.” What it means is that I’m sometimes as surprised by my books and stories as (I hope) my readers are.

I will freely admit that I was surprised who caught the lonesome mama’s eye. And that she caught his. (You won’t be surprised that her boys weren’t quite as thrilled, but they need to get over it.)

When you write a series that was a ball to write, featuring characters you loved, it is hard to let go. Or to know what to write next. I went a little dark with the next book, A DANGEROUS DANCE. I was sad and Louisiana is well-suited to the gothic form.

But then I bounced back, found my sense of humor again with OUT OF TIME, a time travel/romance—to World War II. From the outside, it might seem like quite a departure, but at my core, I write about peril. That’s where Perilous Pauline comes from.

I like high adventure elements. I like to laugh a little, smile a lot, as I write. I like heroines that kick tush and guys that aren’t intimidated by strong women. OUT OF TIME was so much fun, I pushed myself and the muse into space. Outer space.

I think it surprised me as much, or more, than my readers. And if my high school science teacher ever found out I wrote science fiction—okay, maybe he wouldn’t be that surprised, now that I think about it. Ahem.

So I like to mix a lot of fictional science into my science fiction. And romance. And that adventure and peril. That series is called PROJECT ENTERPRISE. There are five novels and a couple of short stories. Making up fictional science is hard work. It almost made my brain explode while penning the various science fiction romance novels and shorts.

So I’m taking a short break, and a trip down memory lane to some romantic suspense with THE BIG UNEASY. RELATIVELY RISKY is the first book in the series. If I live long and er, prosper, the series should be long, too. And hopefully fun. I know I loved my fictional return to New Orleans for this series.

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