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Read an Excerpt from Race for Redemption by Taylor Lee



*****5 out of 5 stars!*****

“Lei Chang can’t resist the wicked demands of her sexy, arrogant lover. But she refuses to marry him forcing Wyatt to fight the most challenging campaign of his life.” Erotica Rocks

“A mixed - race Indian running for governor in a western state in 1892? Winning the race is child’s play compared to convincing the feisty, strong-willed woman he loves to marry him.” L. Takamiya

“A gritty political drama filled with wrenching emotion, revenge, retribution and ultimately -- redemption.” David Adams, author Samsara.


From bestselling historical erotic suspense author, Taylor Lee, comes the second novel in The Grandmaster’s Legacy saga, Race for Redemption, a scorching hot follow up to Struck by Thunder.

Wyatt McManus is as ruthless as he is charming. Those who underestimate him do so at their peril. The only one powerful enough to resist him is Lei Chang, the woman he is determined to claim.

Politics, Sex and Violence: Race for Redemption is an erotic thrill ride – a tension filled love story of two fierce warriors accustomed to winning. BE WARNED: The language is rough, the sex explicit and the violence explodes off the page. 


The food was excellent. The wine flowed freely. But, it was no secret; everyone at the table knew they were there for a purpose.

            “Okay, folks, let’s hear it.  Who do you recommend I endorse for governor?” Wyatt asked with a grin, turning the conversation to the topic on everyone’s minds. He knew that whoever received his endorsement would have the best chance to win. The problem was that the potential candidates were weak at best.

            Chief spoke up. “Poor Bernie has been dead for only three days.  We haven’t even buried him yet. We’ve had, what Wyatt, four or five potential candidates, riding out to the ranch? Each one’s tried to convince Wyatt to support him.”

            “Let’s face it,” Charlie said, “it’s a mighty weak field. Under ordinary circumstances, that wouldn’t matter.  Hell, Wyatt, you even got me elected.  They don’t call you a kingmaker for nothing.  The problem is that Grant Forrester has thrown his hat in the ring. That changes everything. That son of a bitch could actually win, especially against the current field of candidates.”

            Arthur spoke up. “I am concerned, Wyatt.  You and I know Grant Forrester better than anyone here except Chief.  He was crooked when he took over the territorial government in New Mexico. Not a damn thing has changed. The first thing he’d try to do if he became governor is take you down.  The way you outsmarted that bunch of crooks fifteen years ago is the stuff of legends.  What were you, twenty-three years old? I’ll never forget it. What did you end up with, just by seeing through their chicanery? Half of the Colorado River Basin?”

            Wyatt’s grin widened. “Yeah, that was a sweet deal, wasn’t it, Judge?  What galls Grant and his corrupt political friends even more than the land I got is that they could have stopped me in my tracks. They just couldn’t see past the cocky Indian kid they thought I was. They underestimated me then and continue to do so.  I have been on the winning end of deals with that bunch for the last fifteen years. They never seem to wise up.  Of course, now Tom and I have set up so many holding companies that they never know it’s me on the other end, until it’s too late.”

            “Let’s cut through the bullshit, folks. You know why we’re here, Wyatt. There is one person in this state who can and should be governor. That’s you. Before you protest, you know that I have been telling you for the last ten years that you are going to be governor. Either of one of four territories, or, now that Wyoming is a state, the governor here.  This is your time, Wyatt. Arthur, Charlie, and I are here specifically to convince you to run.”

“Come on, Tom, let’s get serious. A half- breed as governor? In a western state? You know my history.  How long do you think it will take Grant and his sycophants to dredge up every fight I’ve been in? Find every guy who no longer has his balls, because of me, or, run down more than a few who no longer have scalps?  I know it’s in the past, but damn, Tom. I killed a man two years ago with my bare hands—in a kung fu death match.  One of us had to die and I’m happy as hell it wasn’t me.  What do you think the scandal sheets will do with that?  You know what they’ll say. ‘Wild Savage running for Governor.’”

“I know all of that, Wyatt. Remember I’m a Caballero. There’s another side to each of those incidents. There’s not a single case where you killed or mutilated a man who didn’t deserve it. Christ, this is the Wild West.  How many gangs are still as active as ever and it’s 1892?  People in Wyoming know the bad men you came up against. To most people, you are a hero, not a villain.  Christ, you cleaned up the marshal service almost singlehandedly. Don’t think the powerbrokers in Washington didn’t notice. Two years ago you stopped Martin Kendrick, who came within days of stealing four million acres of public land, while he was fuckin’ running for Governor of Wyoming! Once again, the Washington big boys sat up and noticed. The downside of putting Martin in jail opened the door for Grant Forrester. Thank God, Bernie still beat him, thanks to you.

“Add to that you are the wealthiest man in four states, and you accumulated that wealth without cutting a corner or participating in a corrupt deal.  To the contrary, in each deal you’ve done, you have exposed corruption, not participated in it.  And, yeah, those assholes are out to get you.  Why do you think Alono has to arrange for at least six armed men to accompany you wherever you go?  How long has that been necessary, Chief? Since the guy was a nineteen year old kid, if I remember right.”

Everyone at the table nodded their agreement. Wyatt leaned back in his chair, puffing on his cigar.  He looked to the other end of the table and exchanged a smile with Lei.

Lei nodded, and broke in. “Tom, I agree with you. Wyatt would be a superb governor. But let’s talk for a minute about me. I am not an asset to any politician.  You know that to most Americans, Chinese are subhuman, second class citizens at best -- although we are not allowed to be citizens.”

Tom interrupted. “Nobody in world looks less second class than you do, Lei. You would be a stunning asset on the campaign trail.”

“Thank you, Tom. Let’s not forget who my father is.  I’ve dealt with that fact all my life. It can’t be ignored. Wan Chang is the leader of the largest and most vicious Chinese gang in the country. Do you think people will overlook that because I am beautiful? Or do we brazen it out. Do we go out to the world and say: ‘This is who we are. Wyatt is an Indian. I am Chinese. My father is the leader of the Sing Leon Tong. Our children are all mixed race. And there is the small issue that we are not married.”

“Any chance we can remedy that last issue?” Tom asked with a wary glance at Wyatt.

Lei blushed and looked down.  Her refusal to marry Wyatt was well known.  It was also the cause for every argument and flare up between the two of them. Of which there were many in their tumultuous relationship.

Wyatt stepped in. “That’s a personal matter, Tom. No, it can’t be remedied so that I can run for office. Put that aside. Lei is right. In addition to my personal baggage and the things that we were born with, such as her race and mine, and her father, you have to admit we have a lot of strikes against us.”

“Yes, you do.  But you have significant virtues and accomplishments. They far outweigh the negatives.  Christ, Wyatt, you are the goddamn most handsome man that any of us have seen.  People in Wyoming love and admire you.  If you chose, you could buy this election outright.  You can’t deny any of that. And, let’s not forget who Grant Forrester is.  Are you willing to sit back and let those corrupt cocksuckers out of the New Mexico territory come in and swallow up this state, as well?  They’ve already taken over the Arizona territory. If our intelligence is right, and you know it is, they are about to capture the Utah territory, as well. Being governor here would give Grant the platform he needs to become legitimate.  Wyatt, that is bad for citizens and it sure as shit is bad for business leaders like you. Let’s face it.  Every one of us knows that if you don’t run, Grant Forrester is the next governor of Wyoming.”

There was silence around the table. 

Wyatt flicked an ash from his cigar. “Maybe you should run, Tom. You sure have the lingo down.”

“Wyatt, I haven’t said one thing that you don’t know and haven’t thought about. You are the smartest man I know, that any of us know. You are also the most strategic.  This is it, Wyatt. I think you are running for governor.  We just need to hear you say it.”

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