Friday, October 23, 2020

Timeless Changes: Knight Traveler Series Part 2 by Regan Black



Three brave knights gave an oath to persist, no matter the cost...

Since the 6th century, Sir Kay has been chasing his nemesis, Mordred, on King Arthur's orders. For generations, they have battled for control of a powerful immortality talisman. When Kay is awakened again, this time surrounded by the familiar and startled by the new, he knows the evil sorcerer is making yet another attempt to change the balance of magical power in the world.

She is far more than a student of Arthurian legend...

Diana Walsh can trace her ancestry all the way back to the priestesses of Avalon. Part of her birthright is a treasured piece of amber and the duty of keeping it safe for Sir Kay, its rightful owner. All her life, she's studied history with an eye to the future so she can support and assist Sir Kay, should he return in her lifetime.

Knowing there is no hope for humanity if Mordred succeeds, Diana and Kay must unravel a wealth of long-buried mystical secrets and magical lore before evil grows out of control.

The Knight Traveler trilogy has it all, swords and magic, sexy knights and courageous heroines in sizzling romantic fantasy adventures that bend time itself on a quest for peace, love, and happily ever after.

Timeless Vision, Part 1 (includes Heart of Time novella)
Timeless Changes, Part 2 (includes An Heirloom Amber novella)
Timeless Light, Part 3 (includes The Memory Key novella)

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