Monday, November 30, 2020

Grieving Ground by Julie Bergman



GRIEVING GROUND is a mystery-thriller featuring Private Investigator Mackenzie Brody, who specializes in locating missing persons. Brody is hired by Scottish best-selling author Aiden Lindsay to find his mother, who went missing two years earlier in Boston. While Brody crisscrosses continents to follow leads in Massachusetts, California and Scotland, her personal search for her missing brother reaches a head. As the investigation proceeds, lies and crimes are revealed, and lives are forever altered.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Worry Beads: The Big Uneasy 4 by Pauline Baird Jones



Laura Baker has seen a lot during her job as a New Orleans EMT. She has responded to just about every type of emergency known to man. An unexpected act of kindness during one call puts her on the news—and her life and heart at risk.

Archie Gunn receives an unexpected tip sends him to the beautiful and mysterious city of New Orleans. His trip opens up more than he expects –and a bayou full of danger. There is a lot going on in New Orleans and it isn’t all good times and Mardi Gras.

Download the latest installment of The Big Uneasy series and discover what happens in New Orleans can be downright deadly!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Investigating Christmas by Debra Webb and Regan Black



This superrich tech tycoon will do anything to keep the love of his life and her family safe this Christmas. 

When the woman who left him comes back desperate for help, sexy billionaire Rush Grayson is thrilled. He still wants and needs Lucy Gaines, but Lucy only needs his professional help—to rescue her abducted sister and nephew. The strong-willed independent woman thinks she's over Rush. She'd never be foolish enough to fall for a man incapable of love. 

But as Rush and Lucy begin a harrowing race against time to free her family, the fire between them blazes. Now they must use Rush's brilliant invention to outwit the ruthless kidnapper, or neither will live to see a Christmas family reunion… 

Colby Agency: Family Secrets

Louisiana Lagniappe: The Big Uneasy 3 by Pauline Baird Jones



A Reunion, a murder, and a wedding... What's next?

Becca Smith Poole should have known her forty-fifth high school reunion would be anything but normal - especially when a dead body turns up! Renowned for her problem-solving skills, Becca is determined to discover who the murderer is - and if her former high school crush is still as handsome as he was in their younger days. The first will take some time to solve, the second one took her breath away.

Retired detective Zach Baker has been lonely since the last of his Baker’s dozen moved out. When he sees Becca Smith’s picture in the “where are they now” brochure, he wonders if this might be a first chance for him with the gal he could never connect with in high school. But before he can ask her out, a murder breaks up the party.

Lucky for him, his son’s upcoming wedding is full of problems requiring Becca’s professional problem-solving touch. Can a retired cop and a mystery reading problem solver unmask a killer before the wedding? Even more challenging, can Zach convince Becca that there is no end date for falling in love?

Dive into the next installment of the Big Uneasy series that reviewers have said will “make the reader feel as if they’ve been plopped down right in the middle of the Big Easy.” Get Louisiana Lagniappe: The Big Uneasy 2.5 now!

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Family Treed: A Big Uneasy Short Story by Pauline Baird Jones



“Family Treed” is 1.5 in my Big Uneasy series. This short story is my amuse bouche, a taste, a quick bite for my readers, a chance to check in on Nell and Alex (from Relatively Risky).

Nell’s not sure why the mob wants to have dinner with her. She is sure she wants a cop at her side.

Alex wouldn’t let Nell dine with the mob without him, despite much unease from his many siblings.

But as the dark and stormy night’s dinner progresses, Nell wonders if she’s putting Alex’s life in danger.

Can they survive dinner with the killing cousins?

This short story is about 13,000 words or 33 printed pages.

When I started “Family Treed,” I was determined to keep it a short story. The plot, the characters fought back, throwing complications at me like knives and bullets. I dodged. I ducked. And when they weren’t looking, I trimmed out everything trying to turn it into a novel. And while I trimmed, I watched Top Chef. When they were asked to create an amuse bouche, I had an aha moment.

That’s what “Family Treed” was supposed to be. And an amuse bouche was what it was going to be. It’s a peek, a tiny taste of the challenges still facing Nell as she tries to come to terms with what has bubbled up out of the past. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead.” And if they aren’t dead? Well, crap happens.

There will be more adventures for Nell and Alex and yes, there will be upcoming adventures for Alex’s many siblings. When one “meets” a family like the Baker’s, it would be crazy not to invite them over to play. So I hope you’ll stay tuned for more installments in The Big Uneasy.

While you’re waiting for the next novel in the series, I hope you’ll browse through my back list. In addition to Relatively Risky: The Big Uneasy 1, I have some more romantic suspense cluttering up my back list. There’s my Lonesome Lawmen (also available in single editions and audio) and my humorous romantic suspense (Do Wah Diddy Die, Mystery Stories, and The Spy Who Kissed Me. I also plan to re-release my lone gothic, A Dangerous Dance, by the end of the 2013. For now, it is only available in audio and used print editions.

If you don’t mind expanding your reading horizons to the stars, and beyond, then I hope you’ll check out my science fiction romance and my science fiction/steampunk romance series, Project Enterprise. The series began with The Key, then continues with: Girl Gone Nova, Tangled in Time (novella/steampunkish), Steamrolled (steampunk/science fiction romance), and Kicking Ashe. There is also a short story collection called Project Enterprise: The Short Stories. The series is also available in audio and some of the titles are Whispersynched with the digital editions.

And last, but hardly least, is my time travel novel to World War II: Out of Time. Most authors have a book that is THE book they had to write no matter what. Out of Time is that book for me. For more information about all my novels, visit me at

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Brett: Brotherhood Protectors World (The Guardian Agency) by Regan Black



She's been betrayed too often...

Nikki Weston is spending Christmas -and her birthday- in South Carolina, far from Hollywood and the prying gaze of a relentless stalker. With good friends close and a private beach outside her window, her working holiday is paradise until the stalker strikes again. Now, to protect others she must ask for help, but trust is not her strong suit.

Can a sexy bodyguard flip the script?

Former Navy SEAL, Brett Robinson, is learning how to be home again after his military career ended early. Thanks to the Guardian Agency, he has found a new way to serve and a new calling as a bodyguard. When the order comes through to protect Nikki, a beautiful silver screen celebrity from a real-world threat, he figures Christmas has come early.

Unfortunately, Nikki isn't keen on a hovering bodyguard, no matter how necessary. But when the stalker escalates, Brett's best move is to fake a holiday romance worthy of the big screen. And now it really is mission impossible: save the girl without losing his heart.

When hope is lost, truth is blurred, and your life is on the line, it’s time to call in the Guardian Agency.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

NEW RELEASE & FREEBIE from the Book Magic Series by Melissa Bourbon



$2.99 or FREE for KU Subscribers


The Lane women are bibliomancers, but Cassie sees her divination not as a gift, but as a curse--one from which she desperately wants to escape. It turns out, though, that running from her fate isn’t as easy as she thought it would be. When a woman goes missing, and a neighbor turns up dead, Cassie turns to the books she’s always avoided to help her find the truth.








“A magical blend of books, mystery, and smart sleuthing, Melissa Bourbon’s Murder in Devil’s Cove offers mystery readers everything they crave and stands out in the crowded cozy genre. This captivating new series will leave readers spellbound.”

-NYT and USA bestselling author, Ellery Adams

Every book tells two stories—one written on the pages with pen and ink, and one woven into the paper, a story of the soul. The Lane women have the gift of bibliomancy. They can read both.

But Cassie Lane doesn’t see this as a gift. For her, it is a curse because the book magic comes with a price--the Lane women die young and the men are lost to the sea. As soon as she’s able, she leaves Laurel Point, Oregon, running from her past and her fate, ending up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There she meets Leo Hawthorne and lives a perfect life with him in an old Sea Captain’s house.

Perfect, that is, until an old book foretells the future, and the curse that has plagued the Lane women comes true for Cassie.

Twenty years later, Cassie and Leo's children, twins Pippin and Grey, are back in Devil's Cove. Long forgotten secrets surface and an old crime comes to light. Now Pippin must learn how to be a bibliomancer if she is to discover the truth about her father and continue his effort to stop the curse.
Two best-selling authors, one magical universe.

In the Book Magic Mystery Series, best-selling authors Melissa Bourbon and Wendy Lyn Watson bring you the story of cousins Pippin Lane Hawthorne and Cora Lane.  The cousins live on opposite coasts (Pippin in Devil’s Cove, North Carolina, and Cora in Laurel Point, Oregon), but they share the family gift of bibliomancy:  the ability to foresee the future and unravel the past with the help of the books we love. Join Pippin and Cora as they use their otherworldly power to solve mysteries in their respective worlds.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Relatively Risky by Pauline Baird Jones


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When an aspiring illustrator attracts the attention of a New Orleans mob family, and secrets long hidden are unearthed from the past, a handsome homicide detective may be her only chance of surviving the Big Easy.

The oldest of thirteen, Alex Baker does two things: he solves murders and avoids children. Until the day Nell Whitby foils a carjacking, knocks Alex off his feet and turns his life upside down.

When the shots start flying and every rock he turns over reveals another wise guy, Alex decides he needs to stick close to the quirky yet captivating children’s book author while he discovers who is behind a series of mob hits. But can he resist the urge to kiss the kid magnet now in the crosshairs?

A relative newcomer to New Orleans—with no family but her college friend—Nell spends her days in seeming obscurity, sketching tourists in the French Quarter and serving canapés for her friend’s catering business. When a chance encounter makes Nell the target of a mob hit, the only silver lining is meeting the cute cop who is determined to protect her.

But when she finds herself at the head of a second line made up of goons and gangsters, and secrets start bubbling up out of her own past, Nell must figure out what she's made of so she can live long enough to kiss the cop again…

Stay tuned for FAMILY TREED: The Big Uneasy 1.5, coming the fall of 2013. It's an amuse-bouche (An amuse-bouche is a single, bite-sized hors d’œuvre), though in this case it's a single "bite" in the series. The short story will feature Nell and Alex and some more of her truly awful new relations.

We left New Orleans ten years ago - two years later Katrina struck — after 18 years of learning how to love living there. (Grew up in WY, the polar opposite of New Orleans!) I wasn’t sure we’d back, but I knew we’d never be the same.

I returned a couple of times, and each time I did, the city began to feel more and more like itself — though many of the places we loved are gone forever. It’s a city that has had to learn to reinvent itself over and over.

When I decided to return to writing romantic suspense, a friend reminded me of a fragment of a story that I’d sent her some years back. I opened the file, started reading, and the memories came flooding back. I thought it might be hard to write about the Big Easy after being gone so long, but the Big Easy is, well, easy.

Except when it isn’t.

But even when it isn’t easy, it’s always quirky and fun and funny — and the perfect place for fictional mayhem. There is something about a hot sultry night filled with lots of exotic smells that brings out the best — and the worst — in people.

And then there is the food.

I got so hungry and so homesick writing this book. And I still miss that spicy scent that is SO New Orleans. One of the hardest moments for me, my first visit back after Katrina, was walking off the plane and NOT smelling New Orleans. I used to love that “our” airport didn’t smell or sound like anyone else’s. There was only one working terminal. Too few people. No jazz being piped in. And no spicy smells. It broke my heart.

Happily for Orleanians — and the people who love to visit — the smells, the sights and the sounds are back. But for those of you who can’t visit, I hope you get a glimpse of the “city that care forgot” while reading this book.

If you love exploring New Orleans in this book, be sure to check out Do Wah Diddy Die, Mystery Collection, and A Dangerous Dance (releasing fall, 2013).

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Timeless Light: Knight Traveler Series Part 3 by Regan Black

$4.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers


Three brave knights gave an oath to persist, no matter the cost...

In the 6th century, Sir Bors gave his life on the battlefield, but death was only the beginning of his service to King Arthur. When he finally wakes again, he has been dragged forward into the 21st century to answer the siren's call of a mystical key that has the power to change the fabric of reality.

She stood guard for years, but she can no longer remain idle...

Nadine Amari's family promised Sir Bors they would keep watch over his mystical slumber, protecting him from any threat for as long as necessary. Nadine has done her part to honor that pledge, hopeful that the famed knight will wake and fulfill a vow made centuries ago. But when ancient, evil spies start creeping into the modern world, she is compelled to do more than watch him sleep.

With Nadine as his guide, Bors must navigate a world he doesn't understand to battle a mad priestess bent on twisting time to her will. He has no choice but to trust Nadine with the fate of humanity. Will he compound the risk and trust her with his heart and soul, as well?

The Knight Traveler trilogy has it all, swords and magic, sexy knights and courageous heroines in sizzling romantic fantasy adventures that bend time itself on a quest for peace, love, and happily ever after.

Timeless Vision, Part 1 (includes Heart of Time novella)
Timeless Changes, Part 2 (includes An Heirloom Amber novella)
Timeless Light, Part 3 (includes The Memory Key novella)

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