Friday, February 12, 2021

Valentine's Day Reads


Violet is dreading her first day at a new school because she's shy and doesn't like attention.

Unfortunately for her, the small school doesn't get a lot of newcomers so all eyes are on her from the very beginning.

When she learns about a bake sale at school that the CEO Girls Club is hosting to raise money for the local animal shelter, she finally pushes past her nerves and reaches out to the girls to find out how she can help.

It's a rocky start, but Violet is the perfect addition to the group and her delicious cookies make her one of the most popular girls at school.



A midnight wedding, Army veterans who face repercussions of two different wars, and a very startling wedding guest.

Publisher's Weekly says The Unexpected Resolution is a "story about unexpected life events and the honest love that binds no matter what."

Wedding days are special, but they don't usually pack as big a surprise as Jolie and Scoobie's New Year's Eve nuptials. Scoobie never knew much about his family -- and after the way he grew up, who could blame him for liking it that way? A 9-1-1 call during the wedding changes everything. Suddenly Jolie has to help Scoobie figure out what he wants to know, and determine who seems to want someone in his family dead. Knowing more about Scoobie's past could change their future together. But a special wedding arrival may cause even more complications. Book 10 in the Jolie Gentil cozy mystery series brings together the close-knit group of friends and zany Ocean Alley townspeople for a very special event. You don't want to miss it!



Amanda realizes her dream of owning her own card shop. But can she hold onto it? Struggling to stay afloat has her questioning her own judgment, making it the worst possible time to decide on one of the three men in her life. But now is the time she must choose, and she can’t afford to be wrong with her future at stake. What does she want most?

Three men. Three very different relationships. Jonathan, the illustrator who touches her soul yet remains a stranger who might or might not love her. Bradley, her father’s wealthy protégé who doesn’t touch her soul but offers her marriage and security. Or Max, a man who attracts her, supports her and her dreams, but carries secrets he won’t share.

Stranger? Security? Secrets?

Which man will be perfect for her? Her soul mate? The one. Which man will inspire her to say, “He’s my imperfect Valentine?”


$2.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers

My specialty jam business is heating up with my Valentine's Day bundle. Of course, so is my love life. Ever since I moved to Idaho and the farm my grandmother left me, I've been kind of a home body. And I fell in love with my speedy delivery guy. Who, unfortunately, doesn't know I exist.

I've been getting romantic-ish gifts for the last few days. Now two men are telling me they're the givers. I'd love it to be my delivery guy, but he just doesn't seem that into me. Just my luck, it's going to turn out to be the jerk who used my jam business to increase his subscriptions at the local paper.

Let's hope I can get through the holiday without losing my cool or burning the jam. 


$3.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers

Have your heart abducted by aliens in this limited edition Valentine’s Day anthology!


Alien barbarians seeking love across the galaxies.

Women seeking Mr. Right, or at least Mr. Sexy to share the most romantic holiday.

Whether it’s an intergalactic matchmaking agency, Starflix and chill, or brutes here to claim their brides, sparks fly when aliens and humans fall in love.

With new steamy stories from your favorite science fiction romance authors Helena Novak, Diane Jones, Zelda Knight, Mira Kane, Lucee Joie, Natalia Prim, and Lashe' Lacroix.

One click this limited edition anthology today to find out what happens when Cupid’s arrow hits his mark on the right man but wrong species.

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