Monday, September 27, 2021

Read an Excerpt from Jude's Sweet Fire by Jessica McBrayer



When Jude Christensen, the Captain of the Savannah Heat hockey team, sets out on his morning run, he has no way of knowing that this particular run will change his life forever. Rescuing a tattered kitten from a feral dog leads him to meet Dr. Megan James, the captivating veterinarian who treats the cat, and catches his eye. 

Megan wonders about the man who doesn't hesitate to pay for the treatment of a kitten that wasn’t even his own and as fate continues to throw them together, Jude and Megan explore their mutual attraction. 

But when Megan becomes the target of a stalker who doesn’t like the attention she is getting from the handsome Captain who dominates on the ice, things take a sinister turn. The stalker will stop at nothing to keep Jude away from “his” Megan. As the danger increases, Megan refuses to be intimidated, and Jude must find a way to save her life as he earns her heart.



I walked closer to the fluff ball, which now lay motionless on the ground. As I got closer, I could finally see that it was a kitten, and it was in dire shape.

I remembered running past a vet’s office a few blocks back. Scooping the kitten up, I threw the branch at the dog to buy us time and bolted back in the direction I had come, hoping they were open this early. I could feel my heart beat harder fearing the kitten may have succumbed to its injuries. Smelling the copper tang of blood, I ran all-out and felt a glimmer of hope as I heard a mewling sound. When I got to the vet’s office, I found the door locked but the lights on, so I pounded on the glass, hoping someone would hear. A woman in a white coat came from the back and quickly unlocked the door. She sucked in her breath as she looked down at the bloody mass in my hands and reached to take the kitten from me.

“Help me. Please,” was all I could get out. Despite regular, intense physical workouts, I couldn’t breathe. I handed her the kitten and bent over, trying to catch my breath.

“Come with me,” she said. It was then that I looked up into a pair of devastating hazel eyes.

Jude's Sweet Fire is the suspenseful first installment in the Savannah Heat Sports Romance Series and includes a BONUS free novella download offer!

"I absolutely loved this book I laughed I cried and I got mad and I fell in love going to read the Christmas one Love it!" Luann - amazon reviewer

"Jude's Sweet Fire - the title is perfect!! There is sweet and boy is there fire! Humor, danger, sexy chemistry, it's all here!!" - Tricia for Everything Marie

If you like instantly captivating gorgeous men, fate, and love conquering all, then you'll love Jessica McBrayer's addictive series.

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