Monday, September 20, 2021

Right in Front of Me: Friends to Lovers Romance (A Cajuns Hockey Romance Book 1) by Jessica McBrayer



A Friends to Lovers Romance

It's hot in New Orleans and so is the new goalie Ty 'Tag' Taggart.

Ty had a good career in Savannah with the Heat, but he was the backup and would remain that way for the foreseeable future. His mentor, Ryan, the best goalie in the league, would be Savannah's starting goalie until he retired. When a new expansion team opens up in New Orleans he's a free agent. He eagerly signs a contract with the Cajuns as their new starting goalie. He loved his old team and learned a lot, but he's looking forward to putting his own stamp on the NHL. What he wasn't counting on is seeing his long-lost childhood friend sitting right in front of him in a cafe in the French Quarter.

Lisette 'Lis' Fontenot had been inseparable from him and his sister when they were kids. Her parents dying and her grandmother moving her from San Diego to the bayous of Louisiana put an end to the three amigos. What was the chance he would see her again? Lis had worked hard to start her own walking tour company and was doing well. She'd been meeting in a small cafe with one of her employees when she looked up and saw a ghost from her past. She was staring right into the dark blue eyes of her childhood crush, Tyler Taggart. She'd followed his career with the Heat but would never admit that the crush had never gone away.

When their lives become enmeshed again how will she ever keep her feelings in check? Especially when he only thinks of her as another sister?





I unwrapped myself from the death grip of my sticky sheet. After I untangled myself, I sighed. Sleeping in New Orleans with no air conditioning wasn’t for the weak. You had to have stamina to handle the heat. My fan barely put out enough breeze to move the heavy air around. Even when I had it pointed straight at me. But being raised in the bayous I was more prepared for the N’awlins’ climate. After a quick shower, I put my long blonde hair in a messy bun and outlined my blue eyes with a little eyeliner. Anything else would melt off. I grabbed my phone to call my nanna.

Every time I headed home to the bayous and Nanna, she commented how I was losing the old ways. She was the only thing that tied me to the backcountry. Whenever I was there, I always made time to learn another one of her herbal remedies. We would go wildcrafting for the ingredients or fishing, or I would help her with small repairs to the aging house. I enjoyed whatever crazy plan she had. She was eccentric, and I loved that. So different from my upbringing in San Diego. When my parents died, she brought me to Louisiana to live with her. I was scared and grieving. I’d just lost everything. She became my whole world. And I’d never been more grateful.

“Missy, are you listening to anything I’m saying?” I was lost in thought.

“Sorry, Nanna. My mind wandered.”

“I was telling you about the reading I did for you today. You are going to meet the love of your life soon, but there will be some hardships,” she said. Did I mention she dabbled in tarot card reading? She was always ‘asking the cards for wisdom,’ as she called it.

“How am I supposed to meet anyone? I sleep and then do tours. No room for anything else,” I said.

“Maybe he’s going to take one of your tours?” she asked.

“Maybe. Nanna, I have to go. I need to eat something before work,” I explained.

“At least you’re eating. Come see me soon and I’ll make some of your favorites. You need to fatten up,” she said. I thought I had just the right amount of curves. At five-four, I had to be careful of what I eat, or it went straight to my ass, but she was right. I hadn’t been eating that well.

“I will, Nanna. Love you,” I said. Hearing her voice always made me feel homesick.

“Love you more, Cher.” She hung up then. I let the sadness sweep through me instead of fighting it. 


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