Monday, October 4, 2021

Read an Excerpt from Asher : Force Security Book 1 by Jessica McBrayer



It's all a game until it's not.
My name is Asher, and most people know me as a cybersecurity consultant or in my secret life as an underground MMA fighter. It's complicated. Right now, I'm not doing either. I'm running for my life. Human traffickers are the worst of the worst and my girlfriend and I are trying to take them down. We're damn good hackers and are laying every encryption we know behind us to keep them off our trail. But their hacker is good too, and there is a lot of gray area out there and a dark web full of danger. This cat-and-mouse game has to end. With the help of the special forces elite security team, I do cybersecurity for, we might just have a chance.

A spin-off of the best-selling Savannah Heat series.

"Asher is a great new adventure into the lives of the men and women who have protected our favorite Savannah Heat characters. I loved this opening book with a character we have not met yet but Mark, Seth and plenty of other characters we know and love from other Savannah Heat books were there. You do not have to have read any of Jessica's other books for this book to make sense, but it will leave you with a whole lot of other books to try!" Desrae

Start the Savannah Heat series with Jude's Sweet Fire to meet the gang. Asher may be read as a stand-alone. Don't miss the New Orleans Cajuns hockey romance series another spin-off of the Savannah Heat based in the same world. The series starts with Right in Front of Me. All three series continue the stories of all the characters in the Savannah Heat universe as well as some new special people. They can be read in series order but for the best 'read' follow the list on for a reading order.



Practice had been brutal, mostly because I was so tired. My MMA coach noticed and wrongly assumed I had been out late clubbing. Ha! I’ve never even been in a club. He knows I don’t drink. Why pour that poison in the machine. It’s why I rarely drank coffee and ate as clean as Mrs. Reid could cook. If I didn’t need so many calories and protein, I’d be a vegetarian. I wasn’t going to quit MMA anytime soon, so I needed to keep up the clean living.

I fought in underground fights mostly to stay in top shape and because I loved the adrenaline from fighting and doing it illegally. I had a good reputation and brought large crowds whenever I fought. Lots of gambling going on during the fights. That was one thing I never participated in. It was one thing to fight and get the inevitable rush, it was another to gamble. My dad gambled and drank and then he’d come home and beat on me and my mom when he lost. We’d have to scrape spare change, anything we could find, to pay the rent and get enough food or keep the electricity on. My mother worked herself into an early grave having three jobs at any given time to feed my dad’s habit and still manage to hide enough to pay the bills. I did odd jobs for neighbors.

Then I built my first computer. I found it on the curb, someone had put in the trash. I was always taking things apart to understand what made them work. Something about the computer intrigued me. I found myself keeping some of the money from my odd jobs to buy parts. My mom would slip me a little when she could. I built one hell of a machine when I was done. Taught myself how to hack by the time I was ten. Then neighbors started coming to me with their computer problems. I went as far as I could and knew I needed more information. I was able to get a scholarship for college and risked a lot on a game design degree. I was smart enough to double major in computer science. Game design wasn’t considered a steady form of employment then. Most people just scoffed at it. If they only knew how much money I have in the bank they’d realize how lucrative it could be.


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