Monday, November 1, 2021

At A Glance: Second Chance Romance (A Cajuns Hockey Romance Book 2) by Jessica McBrayer



Breaking up with the love of your life the same day you sign your first NHL contract would mess with anyone's head. Turning all that hurt and anger into magic on the ice is what the Irish immigrant, Dillon, does best.

He's played well for New York so is surprised to find out he was a last-minute trade to the new expansion team in New Orleans, the Cajuns. The hot humid South, he can't imagine anything worse. He grew up in Chicago and is comfortable with snow and cold.

What is he supposed to do in Louisiana?

In a weird twist of fate, he's forced to work with the woman who shattered his heart in order to rehab an injury. After all, she is the best. But it's not only her who walks into his life, it's also the son he never knew about.






I was sitting at the bar in my father’s pub in Chicago, drowning my woes in a pint. I was only eighteen and had never drunk more than a stolen Guinness here and there. My uncle, who helped my Da run the pub, turned a blind eye and refilled my glass when it was empty.

“You’re a might pissed,” he said when he came around to check on me. It was the middle of the afternoon, and it was still busy.

“I am not drunk.” My words were slurring, and my tongue felt numb, but I wasn’t stopping until I hit the floor, and someone had to carry me out of here.

“Let me make you some food. Sober you up a bit,” Uncle Joseph said.

“No! I just want to drink.” He threw up his hands and walked away. I know I should have been nicer, but we were used to tempers flaring and being rough around the edges in my Irish family.

Today had been the worst and best day of my life. I got drafted to New York to play in the NHL. And my high school sweetheart, who was the love of my life, ‘the one,’ broke up with me.

I’d had big plans for her to follow me and go to school wherever I ended up. We’d get engaged and eventually married. Someday have kids. But she told me today that she’d been accepted to Northwestern and that she and I needed to find our own ways. That it would never work for her to be dependent on me for everything. I didn’t understand. I thought she loved me. She’d always said she did, and she said it again today while she was crying and trying to explain why she had to do this.


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