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Read an Excerpt from the New Release Renegade: Mayhem on the Mountain by Taylor Lee

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The vicious double murder in the city’s most infamous brothel, followed by the disappearance of a young Native woman later found raped and beaten to death tear the already simmering county apart.

Cal Begay, the formidable county sheriff, knows that the likely perpetrators are the wealthy kingmakers and political zealots determined to turn his county into a raging inferno. And, not coincidentally, take down their real target…the cocky Native American sheriff...him.

Cal would have reveled in the battle knowing how unlikely it was the reprobates could succeed. Unfortunately he knew if they couldn’t take him down they’d go after Scarlett, the woman he admitted he was falling in love with.

Belying her image of the blonde bombshell media darling, Scarlett confessed she was a neophyte in the amorous arena. Unlike the accomplished sheriff whose reputation as a rake of the first order was unparalleled, she felt woefully inadequate, not sure how she could ever measure up to the storied lover.

In a county ravished by violent racial and political unrest, the two superstars struggle to defeat the powerful perpetrators…while trying to decide if they can meet a more challenging task. To give into a passion more intense, more demanding than either have faced in their go-it-alone, star-studded lives.

If brazen media stars, tough-as-nails lawmen, and scorching passion light your fire, dive into Taylor Lee’s sizzling new thrill ride. Discover how challenging murder and anarchy can be when sex and passion are in the mix. Grab Renegade: Book 2; Mayhem on the Mountain today and prepare to be wowed!


Amid a chorus of riotous applause, the audience rose to their feet as Cal strode to the stage.  His slim dress trousers and tailored jacket over a white silk shirt open at the collar, underscored his tall muscular frame.  A braided leather thong captured his thick dark hair at the nape of his neck but couldn’t contain the unruly locks that hung over his forehead. The sheriff’s badge clipped to his belt confirmed his status. Sauntering over to the media team, he shook each of their hands and given Herschel Myer’s flushed frown, murmured what was sure to be an impertinent salute. Reaching for Boone Marshall, he pulled him into a two armed hug that the elderly man reciprocated. Sharing a private message, Boone nodded and gripped his arm for a long moment. He shook hands with Mateo Hale and Dane Stallard then lifted an arrogant hand to the diminutive governor who’d stepped back at the advance of the compelling arriver. Standing next to Scarlet, he smiled at her but didn’t reach for her.  Instead, he stepped up to the microphone, his opening salvo declaring the parameters of the upcoming skirmish. 

Acknowledging the applause with a nod, he put up his hand and grinned. “Governor Steelton, honored guests, and my colleagues and friends on the stage, thank you for your gracious acknowledgement.”  He shot Scarlett a sly smile and knowing wink. “I’ll deal with you in a moment.  But, first, to those of you who admire me, and hell, even like me, thank you. I’m delighted you are here. As for the rest of you who did your damndest not to boo when Scarlett acknowledged my role in the uprising that came close to crippling our county and state, thank you for coming.  To celebrate our media superstar, if for nothing else. I appreciate this opportunity to thank all of you... and to warn you. Ladies and gentlemen, if not for this young woman’s daring exposé , my county and, yes, our state, came close to being overtaken by an armed insurrection. An attempted coup led by a group of evil men and women intent on demolishing our democracy. At base, a small claque of evil charlatans believed their vast financial resources and, in several egregious instances, their high elected offices, were powerful enough to pull off an insurrection.”  He paused for a long moment. “As I said at the time, ‘not in my county’.  Given that the threat from these domestic terrorists is far from over, let me expand that declaration. ‘Not in my county, my state, or my country.” 

Letting the tense silence reign, Cal slowly allowed his iron hard gaze to morph into a provocative smile. Holding out his hand he nodded to Scarlett.  “Enough of madness and mayhem, let’s talk about you.” When she tentatively moved toward him, he reached for her hand and tugged her next to him. “I appreciate that you acknowledged our formidable law enforcement team, but let’s be clear who is the real hero ... make that heroine, of this enterprise.  It happens to be a young woman who has wrapped every man she’s met around her little finger. From her beloved grandfather to her media team, and even members of my formidable squad of fierce lawmen.  In the process, and against repeated warnings from yours truly, she barreled forward and pulled off a media triumph worthy of the national awards she won. Which is not to say that she and I didn’t have -- a number of challenging discussions....”  He acknowledged the laughter and cheers with a cocky grin. “I’m glad that we were able to agree it was her way or the highway... as long as it was my highway she was riding on.” Again, he waited for the laughter then turned her toward him. Lifting her chin, he held  her gaze. “That said, Scarlett, I’m in awe of you. Your courage, your fierceness and hell, yes, your beauty. You are a formidable woman.  I’m pleased to say that no one knows and appreciates that more than I do.” When he leaned down and kissed her cheek, the resounding applause was deafening.


Shepherd Hargreaves angled over to where Governor Steelton was talking with acting attorney general Milton Moore and Bruce Evans, a member of the governor’s inner circle known for his shrewd advice and deep pockets.  “Mind if I join you gentlemen?” At the governor’s nod, Shep shrugged.  “May I presume you are discussing one of two things?  That gorgeous woman whose delectable ass I’ve seen only in my most erotic dreams or that obnoxious man who in my view needs to be taken down a peg or three.”

Evans laughed.  “Hey, Shep, why beat around the bush.  Come right to the point.  Besides how the hell could any guy in this room not be talking about Boone Marshall’s granddaughter?   She’s gorgeous and the only thing that competes with her delectable ass is her righteous rack.”

“Speaking of not beating around the bush....”  Moore snorted. “Not that I would consider dismissing that beautiful young woman but frankly I think a more necessary topic of conversation is that too fuckin’ sure of himself county sheriff.”

 “Interesting, Milt.  You just underscored the issue we’re facing.  For Christ’s sake, Calian Begay is a fucking county sheriff who’s been in office all of six months. And is the grandson of a goddammed Indian chief to boot.” Shepherd Hargreaves snorted. “Yet we are all treating him like the second coming of Christ.”

Moore’s deep frown scored his brow. “And therein lies the challenge. Face it. Given his connections to the FBI and his special ops creds, Calian Begay, make that, Sheriff Calian Begay, is the most formidable rising political star in the state.”

Governor Steelton spoke for the first time. “It would be hard to ignore Cal under the best of circumstances.  He’s that impressive. Smart as hell and the media can’t get enough of him. Given the issues we’re facing, this moment seems to be tailor-made for an ambitious political new-comer.  Particularly one backed up the ass by none other than Boone Marshall.”

After a long moment, Bruce Evans broke the challenged silence.  Turning to the governor he said carefully, “I know that you like Begay, Governor.  And in truth, he’s hard not to like. He is damn good looking and irreverent.  Cocky doesn’t begin to describe him. However, at least in my mind, his newfound fame seems to have gone to his head.  Hell, now he’s not only decreeing what will or will not happen in his county, he’s claiming to control the whole fucking state and country.”  He guffawed.  “Bit of an overreach wouldn’t you say for a guy who less than a year ago was a political nonentity?”

The governor shrugged and glanced at his watch.  “I trust you will forgive me.  Inopportune as it is at this moment, I’m due for a media shoot with Scarlett and her team.  And yes, Sheriff Begay will be participating.” He turned to Moore. “I like your idea of scheduling a meeting to discuss the issues we’re facing regarding the insurrection.  The fact that Cal, Chief Hale, and Agent Stallard are here is propitious.  At the press availability I will ask them to stay overnight so that we can meet in the morning.” 

Waiting until the governor was out of earshot, Shepherd Hargreaves was curt. “Look, we all know the governor is nowhere near where we are on Begay and all that he represents. That raises the question. Make that questions. Where the fuck did he come from?  And how did he get to where he is today?” He hesitated then added with a grunt, “And more important, where does the self-righteous, cocky Injun think he’s going to go next?”

Secretary of State Whitney Chabot, the third ranking government official in the state, sidled up to the engaged group. Tossing her long dark mane, Whitney grinned at the coterie of political hotshots who stepped back making room for her in their clique. She tossed her head and said with a throaty laugh, “From the concerned expressions on all of your faces, I can imagine what you fellows are stressing over.” She held up her hand.  “Uh-uh, don’t tell me.  Let me guess. It’s a given whatever has shoved pokers up your gold-plated asses has to do with the superlative county sheriff.” At their snorts and aggrieved nods, she pricked at them. “Clearly you’ve all conceded that Sheriff Begay is on a trajectory to the political summit and to make it worse, has captured the un-capturable blonde bombshell on his way to the top.”  She shrugged. “You’re probably correct.  At least as for him climbing the political summit. Where you are wrong is when it comes to his libido.  Hear me, gentlemen, and hear me well. The last thing Calian Begay will do is settle for one woman.”  She added with a dismissive sniff, “No matter how hot she thinks she is.” She met their disbelieving frowns with a salacious smile. “Before you dismiss my assertion, no doubt assuming any guy who could capture that snazzy slut would never look at another woman.  Sorry gents.  Not so. And if you don’t believe me, know that I have ‘been there, done that’ creds. I’m confident I’m the only one among us who’s slept with the guy.... Which is far too nice a way to describe my memorable minutes of ecstasy with the brown-skinned Casanova. Make that several ecstatic forays.  Point being, any woman --- and there are lots of us, lucky enough to spend intimate time with him knows that Native America hunk ain’t gonna take his hot ass off the market.  With his equipment and expertise?  Not a chance, no matter how enticing the blonde hussy is.”

Shepherd broke the abashed silence of the clearly chagrined men and aimed for irony. “Well, at least you have taken the issue of Scarlett off the table.  Good to know. Because I intend to take advantage of the sheriff’s roving eye and apparently rapacious dick to get to know the lovely blonde starlet.”

 “Fuck his goddammed dick.” Milt Moore glared at Whitney. “Presumably you are exaggerating his ‘prowess’, but let’s get real.” Showering a hostile glare on his colleagues, he was dismissive. “While some of you are cocky enough to think you can compete with Begay in that arena, that’s not where I plan to take him down. His fuckin’ dick aside, stopping Begay’s stratospheric rise in the political arena is where I plan to spend my energy, sexual and otherwise.”

Bruce Evans shrugged.  “Don’t misunderstand, Milt.  I’m not saying we do one or the other. My goal is to take the fucker down, period.  Destroy him.  But you need to understand. Prowess aside, if he really is screwing Scarlett’s delectable ass, it’s about more than his dick.  It means that Boone Marshall approves. And having Marshall in your corner makes the already formidable county sheriff damn nearly invincible.”

“Bruce is right. Trust me, it’s not only those of us who would give our left nut to capture Scarlett Comstock’s sweet ass who despise the prick.  But the fact that Boone Marshall is bankrolling him makes Begay the threat that he is.” Shep glanced across the room and nodded to the side patio.  “Now that our straitlaced governor has gone to tend his more moderate flocks, how about those of you who are as concerned as I am about Sheriff Begay’s formidable pun intended, are willing to do something other than whine about it?”


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