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FREE The Rio Affair by Taylor Lee



The Eagerly Awaited Book 3: in Taylor Lee’s #1 Best Selling Dangerous Affairs OMNIBUS Collection.

Praise for The Rio Affair.....

“The team of special agents heads to one of the most dangerous cities on the planet determined to clear the name of a former special operative accused of instigating a police massacre that killed hundreds of innocent children. Nail-biting action and sexy exploits that will take your breath away.” Action Junkie

“The most powerful Drug Lord in South America is also the most charming. The Latino Heart Throb intends to add illegal assault weapons to his drug cartel enterprise and take Nicki in the process. One of the most exciting sexy thrillers I’ve read.” SMT Reviews
“I didn’t think anything could top The Bangkok Affair for sheer sizzling Romantic Suspense. But The Rio Affair was worth waiting for. Memorable characters and a sizzling love story keeps you on the edge of your seat.” Upping the Ante

•Nicki and Rafe head undercover to Rio de Janeiro, the beautiful city on the bay--which happens to be the 5th most dangerous city in the world.

•The charmingly dangerous international Drug King-pin sets his sights on Nicki.

•He doesn’t know that no one can out-charm OR out-kill the indomitable ISA leader 


“Now, Nicki! Attack! Come at me as if you mean it.”

Waving his fingers in a "come and get me" gesture, Rafe Boudin upped the ante. “C’mon, Princess.  Pretend like you really can take me down.”

            With an outraged shriek, Nicki dove toward him. Easily sidestepping the redheaded typhoon, Rafe caught her in one strong arm and spun her away from him. His tactic would have brought a less skilled fighter to the ground but his intrepid warrior turned Rafe’s move to her advantage. Reversing her spin she rose up on one foot in a graceful pirouette, her other knee high in the air.  The nimble dancer-like movement never failed to fake out an unsuspecting opponent. But Rafe knew what was coming and prepared for the onslaught.  Turning the elegant ballet posture into a fearsome strike, Nicki Powers extended her raised leg and drove her heel toward his shoulder.

Rafe grunted in appreciation at Nicki’s daring attack.  Parrying the fierce strike with his forearm, he caught her heel in his massive hand. With a quick twist he threw her to the ground.

Ignoring her angry squeal, he praised her.

“Good move, Princess. Ninety-nine percent of the assholes you fight would’ve fallen for that fake. Unfortunately little girl, you’re fighting a master.”

He grinned and added, “Your master!”

Nicki rolled away from him then rose up on her hands and knees. Rafe stepped back preparing for the attack that was sure to come. He allowed himself a moment to glory in the gorgeous woman who in some other context would have killed him if she could.  Crouching in an attack position, her topaz eyes flashing in fury, Nicki resembled a she-wolf in the wild.  Her attempt to tame her fiery curls into manageable braids only emphasized her flushed cheeks and swollen bee-stung lips.  The skin-tight jumpsuit clung to her lithe body, accentuating her curvy hips and long, toned legs. The unforgiving fabric fought a losing battle to contain her bounteous breasts.  Every ragged breath she took brought the pale globes dangerously close to the top of her suit.

Rafe reveled in the fact that his fiery she-wolf was dangerous.  Dangerous to her enemies.  He’d made sure of that. Even those who knew that the redheaded bombshell was a trained warrior like the rest of Rafe’s infamous fighting force were nonetheless taken off guard by Nicki’s seemingly fragile beauty.  Adversaries underestimated Nicki--once.  Once was enough. With Rafe’s expert tutelage, Nicki’s already fearsome skills had become legendary.  She was a lethal weapon the rest of the ISA squad relied upon in their most perilous encounters.  

Rafe scoffed silently. If Nicki was dangerous to her enemies, she was downright deadly to him. He chided himself, acknowledging that he’d created a monster. But at least she was his monster; a dangerous, sexy monster that played havoc with his fabled self-control.  Fighting his rising desire, Rafe tried to ignore the gleam of sweat between Nicki’s heaving breasts.  But when she bit down on her bottom lip, the tip of her pink tongue escaping her luscious mouth, Rafe groaned softly, conceding the futility of restraint.  The sight of that moist interior was a siren call to his ever ready prick. Although he was sure the suggestive gesture was unconscious on Nicki’s part, it was nevertheless an erotic invitation, ratcheting his pent-up sexual desire to a fever pitch.  The thought of forcing open her lips, of entering that enticing space and tangling with her tongue and teeth turned his staff iron hard. Knowing that Nicki would be outraged if he turned their sparring session into a sensuous attack only inflamed Rafe's lust further.  Hell, this was the kind of fight he relished.  One in which they both would win.  Once Nicki stopped resisting him and gave into his superior strength.

“C’mon, pussycat. Show Daddy your claws.”

At her angry growl, Rafe laughed aloud.  Purposefully taunting her, he stepped back and waggled his fingers at her, urging her to come forward.  With a low roar that became an earsplitting warrior yell, Nicki sprang into action.  Uncoiling her powerful steel spring body, she launched herself into the air, literally flying through space aiming her heel at his chin.  Having taught her himself, the never-fail move, Rafe was ready for her. Rather than trying to stop her attack, a surefire way to suffer a broken jaw, he dropped to his knees and captured her sailing body as she flew overhead. With a roar as fierce as hers he rose to his feet, holding her high over his head. Whirling in a circle, he tossed her to the ground, breaking her fall with his muscular torso.  Rolling over, he pinned her writhing body to the ground, crowing in delight at the angry torrent of volcanic expletives erupting from her mouth.

“Jesus, Princess.  Who the hell taught you to talk like that?  I think I’m going to need to wash your mouth out with soap--after I finish ravaging it, that is.”

Rafe smashed his lips against her mouth but Nicki fought back. Tossing her head from side to side, she frantically resisted his effort to kiss her.

“Oh no you don’t!  Dammit, Rafe, that’s not fair!”  Her voice rose, underscoring her anger.  “You… you don’t take me seriously. Rafe, listen. Just because you’re bigger and stronger--”

He interrupted her tirade with a hearty chuckle.

“I‘m glad that you acknowledge that I’m bigger and stronger than you are, because Princess, I am.  But as for not taking you seriously? You couldn’t be more wrong.”

Rafe’s voice dropped.  “No, my little she-wolf, nothing could be more serious than making love to you.” Running his tongue against the tender skin under her ear, he bit down on her lobe.  At her squeal, he murmured gruffly, “Ahh, Princess, when I enter your sweet body--the way that I’m going to do now--nothing in the world could ever be more serious. Dammit, baby, when I come inside of you, you hold my soul in your hands.”



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