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Read an Excerpt from Jorden by Taylor Lee



JORDEN, Book 3 in USA Today best-selling author Taylor Lee’s provocative new series, The Justice Brothers. JORDEN, the oldest Justice Brother, is unquestionably the most distinguished. But underneath that sophisticated persona is a sexy, challenging lover.

· An Assistant US Attorney fights the legal battle of his life. This time Jorden’s on the defense and his children are at stake.

· An accomplished psychologist and coach revered by all, Mac discovers she can’t outrun her past. She can only hope her righteous lover will forgive her.

· An evil woman isn’t about to let her children and former husband go without a fight. And this woman fights dirty!

· A family drama that calls for the best and the worst of the two passionate lovers. Unfortunately, Jorden and McKenna discover that Justice—like Love-- isn’t always fair or easy.

WARNING: Romance so HOT it singes the pages. HOT, tough, explicit. Not for the faint at heart. Definitely bring a fan!


Striding to the table where the two women were waiting, Jude hollered out to the waiter
who was standing attentively to the side.
“Denny, my man, bring us another glass and be ready with an additional bottle of that
first rate Scotch Ms. Hughes has turned us all onto. My aloof brother has deigned to join us pub
crawlers for the night instead of drinking alone the way he always does. You never know how
much those solo drinkers can put away.”
“Sure thing, Detective Justice,” the gangly waiter with the Dead Head tatts decorating the
back of his neck and both forearms, said with a grin. Nodding to Jorden, he added, “Good
evening, Mr. Justice. Would you like a menu or do want what all of these guys ordered?”
“Uh, thanks, Denny. I think I’ll add to my outrageous brother’s portrayal of me as a
raging alcoholic and stick to the Scotch. In addition to being a private lush, I’m also a wuss. It
would take me a week to digest Ms. Hughes’ chosen finger food, a double bacon burger with
extra cheese. Although, I will tempt the Jude’s derision and Skylar’s chagrin and have a side of
your deep fried vegetables to go along with my bottle of Scotch.”
“Right on, man. I mean, Mr. District Attorney. If you change your mind about the
burger and French fries, just let me know.”
Intercepting what was sure to be an over the top introduction to the woman sitting next to
Skylar, Jorden strode past his brother and bussed Skylar on the cheek then extended his hand to
the redheaded woman he’d been admiring earlier in the gym.
“Good evening, Ms. Durant. In addition to being this outrageous guy’s older and
definitely stuffier brother, I’m the father of one of the most beautiful almost sixteen year olds
inhabiting the earth.”
Ms. Durant’s voice was as melodic as the tempting laugh he’d heard earlier. The sound
that he admitted had been powerful enough to draw him into the pub rather than escape to his
empty house.
The confident woman shook his hand firmly. “Good evening, Mr. Justice. And may I
say that your descriptions of the people who surround you are on target.” She grinned at Jude.
“Detective Justice tops the outrageousness Richter scale, and you definitely have a lovely and
talented daughter.” She turned to Skylar with a smile. “As for this one hundred and ten pound
pixie that could eat all of us under the table, let me just say that I am green with envy. If I ate
half of what Skylar does, you would have to roll me out of this pub strapped to a gurney.”

Jorden joined in the laughter and sank into the chair between the two women across from
his brother. Ignoring Jude’s ‘I told you so expression’, Jorden responded to the woman to his
left, deciding for the moment that he’d try to ignore her enticing fragrance.
“We’re in agreement on all counts with one clarification. My name is Jorden. It’s bad
enough when two of my brothers, Jude and Jared, are routinely referred to as outrageous, while
Jake and I’m known as the uptight ones. So please, hold the “Mr.’s” and any other titles and call
me Jorden.”
As he spoke he allowed himself to see that in addition to her thick red hair streaked with
gold and tied in a casual pony tail, the gorgeous woman had stunning dark brown almost black
eyes shadowed by dark brows and lush lashes. Her pale, smooth skin was heated by a soft rosy
glow that spoke to her healthy lifestyle. In addition she had one of those full pouty mouths that
demanded to be kissed, slowly and well. Startled by his untoward reaction to her, Jorden forced
himself to concentrate on her response to his request that she call him by his first name.
Meeting his focused gaze, she responded pleasantly, “I’m pleased to do so, Mr….I mean
Jorden. If you will call me ‘Mac’ like everyone else does.”
At his questioning expression, she explained. “My irrepressible Irish father dealt with his
disappointment that I was born sans what he considered necessary equipment, by naming me
McKenna and shortening it to Mac when I was two days old. In a sop to my outraged mother, he
agreed to change what he’d decreed to be my middle name from Liam to Leanne as long as I
would always be called ‘Mac’ Durant.”
Jorden frowned. “Wait a minute. Don’t tell me that Lucky Liam Durant is your father?”
Mac laughed again and said with an expressive sigh, “One and the same. And yes, my
love of basketball was bred into me before I was born. Thanks goodness, he overruled my five
foot two inch diminutive mother by contributing the lion’s share of my height genes. Which gave
me a fighting chance to become a decent basketball player. Not in the NBA, as he was, you
Jude interrupted. “Don’t sell yourself short, Mac. No pun intended…. Playing in the
2008 Olympic games in Beijing should have been enough for any overbearing father, even an
Irish NBA superstar.”
Jorden shook his head in agreement. “Wow that’s impressive. You father must have been

“Yes, he was. And he was gracious enough to give my mother the lion’s share of credit
for helping me keep basketball in perspective by insisting that I pay as much attention to getting
my PH.D as I did playing ball. My mom insisted that my brain was as important as my body.
Although I agree with my dad that basketball is one of the most intellectual sports there is.”
Jorden studied her wondering when he’d seen a more impressive woman who was
beautiful to boot. He tried not to gush, rather to speak from his perspective as a parent.
“You’re luck Mac that your patents balanced each other out. Now that I am a father, I can
understand the desire to give your offspring every possible advantage even if those advantages
are more about your own sense of legacy than theirs. One can only hope that you’re humble
enough to acknowledge that your children may choose an equally honorable path even if is not
the one you chose for them.”
He glanced at Skylar and nodded acknowledging her overbearing genius father who had
done his best to ruin her life and continued. “For example when my parents were murdered, my
grandfather, the Judge, resigned from the bench and decreed that none of the four of us brothers
would follow in the legal footprints of my dead father and himself. The Judge wanted to ensure
that we would live peaceful lives as far from dangerous pursuits as he could engineer for us. He
was determined that we would be educators or inventors or financiers. Anything but lawyers or
cops or special agents. Need I say that was all the incentive we each needed to enter the law
enforcement arena after serving as special operatives in the most dangerous infernos we could
At the surprised silence greeting his offhand reference to his parents’ brutal deaths and
casual acknowledgement of the dangerous lives he and his brothers had chosen, Jorden was
saved by Denny’s arrival. Aided by another lanky server, their attentive waiter unloaded the
groaning trays of food placing all but his vegetables in front of the three heartier eaters. Jorden
sucked in a breath and didn’t bother to glance at his brother. He didn’t have to. He already knew
the expression he would see on Jude’s face. He thought with a silent snort that would teach his
interfering brother to try to break him out of his self-imposed loner shell by inviting him to share
a casual meal.
As usual, Skylar intervened with an astute and gracious response.
“You have an advantage over the rest of us, Jorden. It’s easy to criticize our parents’
goals for us, even when we agree with them. It has to be challenging to step back and let your

children who you deeply love and want to protect choose their own futures, their own ways to
Jorden gave a short laugh devoid of mirth as he took the bottle of Scotch from the table
and without asking refilled all of their glasses.
“Thanks, Skylar, for stepping in to cover for my lack of witty repartee.” He nodded to
Mac who was studying him with a thoughtful frown. “Please, eat. Ignore my untoward
references to murder and mayhem and enjoy your food.”
At the silence from his companions, he held up his plate and said with a strained grin.
“Vegetables anyone?”
Jude laughed and speared a cornmeal encrusted piece of broccoli and put it on Skylar’s
plate then grinned at his brother.
“Hey, bro, don’t apologize for introducing roughage to the table. I’ve even convinced the
sprite to occasionally add something green to her diet, like a vegetable.”
Munching on a cheese laden French fry, Sky shot him a dismissive shrug. “So, potatoes
aren’t considered vegetables, Detective Justice?”
“No, Ms. Hughes. As you well know I’m referring to the green varieties. You know, the
ones that have leaves and stems. And that are not smothered in grease and four pounds of
cheese.” When Skylar tilted her chin and gave a saucy smirk, Jude’s lip quirked up in a
salacious grin.
“Careful there, Squirt. Raise that sassy chin of yours another inch and I may have to
make good on one of my threats. That is to sit you on my lap and feed you…”
Skylar blushed when Jude shot her a wicked wink letting the rest of his threat go
unspoken. From the soft smile quirking Mac’s lips, Jorden saw that the dark eyed, redheaded
Irish woman appreciated Jude’s intended sexy overtone to his threat. Deciding that the sudden
tightness in his trousers confirmed that it had been too long since a woman had piqued his
interest, Jorden allowed himself to imagine holding Ms. Durant, make that Mac, on his lap and
feeding her tidbits of food. That image coupled with the surreptitious assessments he’d made of
her ass as she’d strode up and down the sidelines of the basketball court almost made him forget
his clumsy oration that had brought their lively conversation to a halt. That moment was cut
short by Mac’s attempt to change the conversation.

“Speaking of your beautiful daughter, Jorden, Chloe told me about the sixteenth birthday
bash that you’ve planned for her.”
Jorden demurred with a smile. “I can’t claim the credit or the blame. The bash, as it is
rightly being called, is the brainchild of my doting grandfather. The Judge, who loves
entertaining, insists that a party to end all parties is the only way to celebrate his adored great
granddaughter’s coming of age. If I had my way, we’d be going to the park to play on the swings
and have a Princess cake like we did when she was eight.”
Mac laughed. “Well, whoever is planning it, Chloe is giddy with anticipation. Of course
the fact that she and her mother are planning a shopping spree to buy what Chloe described as a
‘killer dress to end all dresses’ has something to do with her excitement.”
Jorden stared at her then dropped his fork and rose to his feet knocking his chair to the
floor with a loud crash. Mac reared back in her chair her eyes widening with surprise. Seeing her
consternation, Jorden tried to explain but his desert dry mouth was incapable of forming and
spitting out words.
Mac stared at him in dismay.
“I…I’m sorry. Did I say something wrong, betray a confidence? If so, I apologize…I
Jorden held up his hand stopping her. He knew he was glaring at her but the rage flooding
him made it impossible for him to soften his expression or speak in a normal tone. Instead his
harsh words and equally hard tone made his anger clear.
“Don’t apologize. This has nothing to do with you. You did nothing wrong.”
He sucked in an audible breath and made a clumsy attempt to explain.
“The problem is that Chloe and Emma have not seen or talked to their mother for over six
Shooting Mac a grim stare, he didn’t mask his cold anger and added,
“Oh and I have a restraining order in place preventing their mother from being within
fifty yards of the girls without supervision and my express permission.”
He closed his eyes for a moment fighting to calm the outrage that was threatening to
choke him. Reaching for his wallet, he threw a hundred dollar bill on the table and nodded to his

Assuming the dispassionate tone he relied on when he addressed the court, Jorden said,
“Thank you for a nice evening. I enjoyed ….”
The words stuck in his throat unable to get by the baseball sized lump in his throat. He
met Jude’s acknowledging frown and emitted a heavy sigh. Turning back to Mac who was pale,
her expression strained, he said flatly, “Look, I’m glad you are in Chloe’s life. She needs a
positive female role model.”
He turned and strode to the door without a backward glance at the three silent people
staring at him.

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$3.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers


One family's long-buried secrets could be the key to solving a shocking murder...

With the holiday season in full swing, Paige Coker is planning a surprise party for her father's retirement when she finds troubling documents that indicate she might not be his daughter at all.

Her search for answers is derailed when the event caterer is killed and she becomes the prime suspect. Her alibi is weak, and the police have surveillance footage of a woman at the scene - a woman who looks exactly like Paige. Desperate to clear her name, she reluctantly agrees to cooperate with the private investigator hired by her father.

As a Guardian Agency protector, Carter Oakes has worked his share of sensitive cases. Upon meeting Paige, it's obvious she's hiding something and distressed over far more than the death of the caterer. Earning her trust is a slow process, one that's thrown into overdrive when someone tries to kill her.

With her life hanging in the balance, Paige and Carter must unravel the impossible mystery of these DEADLY REFLECTIONS.

Don't miss any of the standalone books in the BEHIND CLOSED DOORS series, from the bestselling authors of STORMWATCH and BREAKDOWN!
THE LIE Debra Webb


Chapter 1

Paige Coker stared at the bustling activity behind the uniformed police officer at the front desk of the station. The flurry of voices and movement struck her as chaotic, though that couldn’t really be the case. Several men and women were seated at desks, islands of calm surrounded by the constant, swirling hum of activity.
“Can I help you?” the officer asked.
“I’m Paige Coker,” she replied with a smile. “Detective Lewis asked me to come by.”
The officer lifted his chin toward the chairs lined up against the wall. “Have a seat.”
She sat down to wait, her mind wandering. She remembered visiting this same police station on school field trips through the years. They’d come by in fourth or fifth grade the first time. Years later, her high school criminal justice class toured this station, as well as the courthouse, in order to observe the system in action. The detective she was meeting today had been a classmate and friend on that trip.
Those visits had left her feeling proud of the people who served her community and several of her peers had been inspired to study law or go into police work, like Ronnie. Paige had known she would need to find a different way to contribute. The front lines weren’t the right place for her, an only child groomed from the cradle to take the safe and secure path through life.
Not that she didn’t crave her share of adventure, she just chose her battles carefully. The daughter of wealthy parents who often hosted or headlined the guest list of elite Charleston, South Carolina events, her dreams were carefully analyzed and moderated for risk factors. Anything that had the potential to stir up scandal or, more importantly, to upset the delicate emotional balance at home was set aside.


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Stone Of Heaven, Book One in the Carswell Adventure Series by L.A. Sartor

So many people ask me how I come up with my stories (btw, thank you for asking.) And the answer is usually they are based on a “What If” drawn by something I see or think about as I people watch.

Stone Of Heaven was different. My husband was reading an article about a new anthropological find in Guatemala. An incredibly rare Blue Jade Roadway had been uncovered by a recent Hurricane.

LIGHT BULB moment.💡

But I needed more than just a blue jade road. Luckily, we’d already booked a cruise to the Caribbean, and I added a tour of the Tulum ruins and Xel-Há.


Truly, I walked through the stone gateway of Tulum and knew this was the place. I could have spent all day there, but there wasn’t time. Not to be to woo-woo, I’ll tell you that I stopped by the main temple’s ruin and just let it soak into me. Xel-Há added the cenote experience.

And I had my story.

This book was first written as a screenplay which won a top slot in the prestigious Scriptapalooza screenwriting contest. The assistant of a production company, a woman, told her boss to read it. He loved it, but was currently incredibly busy with other projects for pretty darn famous person. Yes, I’m trying hard here to be discrete.

So, then I wrote the book.

And it became a bestseller. (Hey RRader, still interested?) This was probably the most fun I’ve had writing a book and readers tell me that it shows. Adventure driven by myths (that I researched) and the story came to life like the movie was playing in my head. Creating a new world basically, was a blast.

I hope you enjoy it.


A treasure hunter goes missing in the Yucatan jungle. Her inexperienced city-girl twin rushes to the rescue. What could go wrong?

Content with her simple life creating jewelry and living on a train, Tori Carswell is nevertheless edgy. Her adrenaline-junkie sister’s promised check-in call is overdue.

Treasure hunting is in Reid Hunter’s blood and if he finds this fabled prize, he’ll be a rock star, able to pay his bills and salvage his reputation. But plans go horribly wrong, as the blue jade is more powerful than imagined.

Rescuing her sister involves conquering fears Tori can’t face, let alone act on. She must rely on her twin’s Southern gentleman without-a-conscience, ex-partner Reid for help. 

Will he put riches before life…and love?

If you liked Romancing The Stone and The Adventures of Indiana Jones, then you’ll love Stone Of Heaven – Book One in the Carswell Adventure Series.

Buy Stone of Heaven for heart pounding danger and swoon worthy romance set in the exotic ruins of the Yucatan.


P.S. The audio version is coming soon. I’m very excited about it. And yours truly will be narrating.


Amazon, B&N, Apple, Nook and most other retailers. Also available in foreign markets!

Book 2 in the Carswell Adventure Series is Viking Gold, and Book 3, as yet untitled, will be Alfred’s story…you’ll find out who Alfred is in Stone of Heaven. His name is an homage to Batman’s Alfred.


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I started writing as a child, really. A few things happened on the way to becoming a published author … specifically, a junior high school teacher who told me I couldn’t write because I didn’t want to study grammar.

That English teacher stopped my writing for years.  But the muse couldn’t be denied, and eventually I wrote, a lot, some of it award winning. However, I wasn’t really making a career from any of this.

My husband told me repeatedly that independent publishing was becoming a valid way to publish a novel. I didn’t believe him, I thought indie meant vanity press. 

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I started pursuing this direction seriously, hit the keyboard, learned a litany of new things and published my first novel. My second book became a bestseller, and I’m absolutely on the right course in my life.

Please come visit me at, see my books, find my social media links, and sign up for my mailing list. I have a gift I’ve specifically created for my new email subscribers. And remember, you can email me at

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My Lady Mischief by Kathy Carmichael



Reviewers International Award Winner

Lady Thea has set her cap on a local farmer's son. When Hart, the Marquis of Hartingfield, arrives on the scene, he sends her wits reeling and her senses blazing. It's up to Hart, the catch of the London Season, to convince her that their union will be a perfect love match.

But if Thea was wrong about her feelings for the farmer's son, can she trust her growing attraction to Hart? She leads the dashing aristocrat on a merry chase through the English countryside and glittering London, setting the ton abuzz with the question: Will Hart succeed in capturing her heart?

"Warm and witty, a marvelous romp." ~ Karen Harbaugh, Award-winning Regency Author

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EXPOSED: Prequel Novella The Criminal Affairs Collection by Taylor Lee - FREE!



·        A renegade police officer infiltrates a dangerous cartel intending to take down its leader.


·        Little does she know that the handsome Drug Lord is a special operative hotshot heading up a mission two years in the making.


·        Learning who the outrageous woman is, the undercover commander does the only thing he can to protect the mission, and her.  He claims her for his own. 


WARNING: Romance so HOT it singes the pages.  HOT, tough, explicit. Not for the faint at heart.  Definitely bring a fan!



Jaxton Hughes trekked up the steep path leading from the resort to the nearby cliffs. The rivers, lakes, and crystal-clear pools dotting the astonishing Belize countryside were surrounded by rangy precipices. Climbing to the top of an outcropping, Jaxton marveled at the glorious sight awaiting him. The tropical paradise, rampant with color and texture, snagged his breath. The startling azure pool, at least twenty feet below his vantage point, was nestled between the craggy cliffs. Exotic multi-hued foliage and a solid bank of native orchids, including the distinctive national flower of Belize, the black orchid, ringed the shining, glass-like water.

Glad that he’d been wise enough to escape the crowded resort, at least for the moment, Jaxton silently thanked the nature gods who created the stunning panorama before him. He needed to clear his head, prepare for the challenging evening ahead. In the years of leading formidable missions, Jax had learned the importance of calming his spirit to ensure that he was emotionally as well as physically prepared for the certain dangers to come.

The peaceful scene below was so incongruous, so contrary to the challenges he was facing, that he might have laughed. Instead he shuddered at the internal warning signs confirming that his well-tuned body knew his trepidations were more than justified. Two years of arduous planning and countless setbacks would be put to the test this weekend. Jax breathed a hard sigh, acknowledging that his team’s chances of success were 70/30—against them.

Breaking from his reverie, Jaxton was startled to see he wasn’t alone. Standing on the edge of an opposing cliff was a woman. Or at least he thought it was a woman. She looked more like an apparition, a phantom. His heart pounding in his chest confirmed that the vision in the filmy white dress was real. Seeing her studying the crystal-clear water below, Jaxton realized to his horror that the woman was preparing to jump. The warning signals that had prepared him for dangerous action in hellholes from Somalia to the Ukraine tightened his nerve endings to snare drum–tautness. Acknowledging the distance between himself and the nymph poised on the edge of the precipice, he was struck by his impotence, his inability to stop her certain-death leap.

Choking on the warning shout trapped in his throat, he saw the slender woman reach for the tie on the back of her dress as if in slow motion. In one easy movement, the gauzy slip slithered to the ground, revealing her naked body.

Jaxton had traveled the globe, righting the wrongs that evil men wreaked on the innocent and the weak. To maintain his sanity and a soupçon of belief that good lived somewhere alongside the inhumanity of malevolent men, he sought respite in the arms of beautiful women. Stunned, Jaxton acknowledged that in all of his erotic romps seeking relief from the terrors of his world, he had never seen a more beautiful woman than the slender, blonde goddess poised on the edge of the forbidding cliff. A literal Venus rising from the water, she stole his breath.

To his shock, the sylphlike vision swept her hands high above her head. Before Jax could exhale the stifling air trapped in his chest and shout out a warning, the naked apparition rose on her tiptoes and dove headfirst into the gleaming pool a lifetime below.

Jax watched with his heart in his throat as the nymph on the cliff rose in a graceful leap and dove into the glistening pool at the foot of the sheer embankment. It took a full minute of watching her frolic in the sparkling water below for Jax to acknowledge that she hadn’t been planning to commit suicide. Rather, her breathtaking high dive into the distant pool was merely an audacious stunt, a raised middle finger to the adrenaline gods. When he’d managed to get his lungs and heart functioning at semi-normal rates, Jax marveled at her daring. Christ, and he thought he was an adrenaline junkie. But what had changed his perception of the entire incident was watching her scramble naked up the side of the cliff to retrieve her abandoned clothing.

Poised on the top of the precipice before her jump, she had been surreal, Aphrodite-like. Too beautiful and too unexpected to be real. But there was nothing about her bare ass that was surreal. Hell no. Her scampering climb up the steep embankment underscored the strong muscles in her arms, legs, and most especially, her gorgeous ass. Her toned cheeks, with the enticing crack separating them, were covered with lush feminine curves that had his prick surging in appreciation. But it was when she got to the top of the hill and lazily reached for the nearly transparent cover-up that his dick went into overdrive.

As she bent over to retrieve the garment, Jax was able to fully appreciate her luscious breasts, with water beading on the tips of her peaked nipples. When she stood up, straight and tall, he saw for the first time that her mons was bare—not so much as a dusting of hair marred the mouthwatering view at the apex of her thighs. With a harsh groan, he relinquished his breath. It was simply impossible to look at her and breathe at the same time. It was then that she saw him.

Visibly startled, her eyes had widened in surprise. For a long moment, she stood still, clutching her dress at her side. And then she did something that Jax knew he would remember for the rest of his life. She smiled. Her lips curving in a cheeky grin, she met his eyes and lifted her chin in a defiant gesture. He could almost hear her expel a deep breath as she raised her arms over her head, ensuring that there wasn’t an inch of her body he hadn’t seen. With an insolent shrug, she allowed the gossamer garment to float over her naked form. She stood for a moment, holding his gaze, then turned and ran the rest of the way to the top of the hill. At the precipice, she paused and looked over her shoulder. Giving him a saucy wave of her fingers, she disappeared over the crest.



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Swann: Brotherhood Protectors World by Regan Black

$2.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers


A dangerous thief is closing in and she is all alone...

Michelle Korbel is slowly recovering from the emotional blow of a miscarriage following one passionate night with the man of her dreams. Now her antique store, her sole pride and joy, is threatened by a man convinced she has his property.

Can a friend from her past rescue her in time?

Nolan Swann, an attorney based in Chicago, is on his way to Kansas on behalf of a client. Close enough to his home town, he’ll also settle an estate for his family after avoiding the task for the past year. And he’ll finally see the friend he fell into bed with once and never called again.

When Swann discovers Michelle hiding on his family property, he vows to make things right between them. But until she decides to trust him, they don't stand a chance against the thief hunting her.

If you like page-turning mystery with sizzling chemistry and romance, you'll fall in love with Swann!

When hope is lost, truth is blurred, and your life is on the line, it’s time to call in the Guardian Agency. 


Chapter 1

Most days there was a low undercurrent of productive energy pulsing through the elegantly decorated law offices of Gamble and Swann. The Michigan Avenue address and the building centered on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile were as exclusive as the clientele. On this early June afternoon the office had gone quiet on purpose. Nolan Swann and his partner, Patrick Gamble, had cleared out everyone for an important quarterly meeting with their primary client.
Although the firm employed attorneys who specialized in corporate and family law, Gamble and Swann handled criminal cases when asked to do so by the man they represented, the man who made it possible for them to pick and choose the rest of their caseload with care.
Their client wouldn’t show up in person. As far as Swann knew, the man never left his estate. But even with a conference call they ruthlessly protected his privacy. So it was just the two of them in the conference room when the phone rang. After a brief greeting, they gave their quarterly report on the status of his business interests, including the current cases handled by his pet project known as the Guardian Agency.
The protection and security service didn’t advertise, picking up assignments across the country solely by word of mouth. Still, they’d grown a superb reputation for stepping in and salvaging apparently lost causes.
“You did a fine job for Billie Hamilton in Montana,” their client said, pride coming across loud and clear in his rusty voice. “She can’t say enough good things about the agency.”
“That’s great news,” Gamble replied evenly.
Swann glanced across the table. Billie, the U.S. Attorney in Montana, was Gamble’s ex-wife. Though his partner didn’t talk about her much, he’d been relieved they could help her when a high-profile case went off the rails.
“Swann, are you still worried about staffing?”
“Yes, sir, I am.” He waited a beat, got Gamble’s nod, and continued. “With the rate we are accepting cases, I think we could be more efficient with another analyst on board.”
“Did the search for that last witness in the Native Mob case in Montana burn out Tyler completely?”
“No, sir,” Gamble interjected. “He’s back up to full speed.”
“Good.” The client cleared his throat. “I like that boy.”
Swann exchanged a smile with Gamble. Their top client was an eccentric recluse, but he genuinely cared about the men and women involved with the Guardian Agency.
“And Claudia is well?”
“Yes sir,” Swann said. “She’s seven months along now and feeling great according to Nathan.”
“Wonderful news. Make sure we set up a trust for the child.”
Gamble flipped to a clean sheet on his notepad and they verified the specifics.
“Swann,” the client said, when the trust was set. “I see your point. It would be nice to have another analyst in place before Claudia’s maternity leave. With that in mind, there’s a young man recently sentenced to twelve years in Leavenworth. I believe he’s the right analyst to add to our team. Of course, the final decision is yours, gentlemen. As always.”
With a swift round of good-byes, Gamble and Swann were left staring at each other.
“He can’t mean—”
“Connor Brady,” Swann finished for him. “That’s exactly who he’s suggesting.”


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Sweet & Sassy: Falling Into Love Collection

$0.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers


There is never a wrong time to snuggle up and fall in love! The Authors’ Billboard has another Sweet and Sassy boxset aimed directly at Falling Into Love.

This four-book set from USA Today Bestselling, Award-Winning Authors contains stories of second chances, single parents, small-towns and large. With some touches of suspense, unexpected sparks, and close-knit families, these characters are out to find more than they bargained for while
Falling Into Love.

Stacy Eaton, USA Today Bestselling Author, Bradley, Loving a Young Series: With a new house in her name, Nolan Nickels seeks out the perfect plan to get the house ready so she can bring her two daughters’ home, but is her fixer-upper more than she bargained after Brad Young comes to help?

Susanne Matthews, Bestselling Author, – Make Mine a Manhattan: Assuming her heroine’s identity, Savannah Long heads for New York to experience life and gets far more than she bargained for.

Denise Devine, USA Today Bestselling Author, – Unfinished Business: When Alana Morgan’s life is upended by a suspicious death and a betrayal, she joins forces with Reid Sinclair to uncover the evidence she desperately seeks.

Taylor Lee, USA Today Bestselling Author - You Can’t Always Get What You Want: He’s a hard as nails police chief. She’s a feisty ADA. The one thing they have in common is arrogance. Sparks flare when the challenging duo face off.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Read an Excerpt from Sapphire by Taylor Lee



Praise for Sapphire …
Book 1 in Taylor Lee’s NEW Sexy Suspense Collection: Ladies of the Night.

“USA Today best-selling author Taylor Lee does it again! Sapphire is the first book in Lee’s provocative new series, Ladies of the Night. The Ladies are covert agents in a secretive, off the grid security organization. Highly trained fighters, they’re as gorgeous as they are dangerous to the evil men they’re hired to bring to justice. The only thing these formidable women are NOT is “ladies.”

Gabriella Shaw, Code Name: Sapphire is hired to seduce and capture the leader of a lucrative international human trafficking enterprise. The epitome of the mastermind’s targeted women, Sapphire is the consummate bait. Unfortunately for the evil man, Sapphire is as deadly as she is beautiful. Paired with former Col. Jase Malone, the two agents enter the Caligula Club to trap their prey. The club is the salacious playground for the rich, famous and deviant, and the conduit to the human trafficking horror. The only thing more challenging than the mastermind to the fiercely independent Sapphire is her commanding partner. The sparks fly as Sapphire and Malone fight to capture the criminally insane mastermind while their fierce personal attraction threatens to bring them both—and the mission—crashing down.


“Sapphire, incoming.”
    Riley’s voice was low.  Urgent.  Even though the grainy footage on the screen documented a scene that had taken place days before, Jase’s antennae registered the danger. It wasn’t just Riley’s tense voice that tightened the muscles of Jase’s chest, it was the indifferent reaction of the agent on the screen. If the woman heard Riley’s command, her dismissive shrug as she approached the desk confirmed that she was more intent on her mission than in heeding her commander’s warning.  Leaning across the desk, Gabriella Shaw (aka Sapphire) booted up the computer, her fingers flying across the keyboard. The frown marring her profile telegraphed her frustration as she banged out one passcode after another. At each unsuccessful attempt, Sapphire bit down on her full bottom lip, her scowl deepening.
 She was dressed in black. The tight turtleneck above the collar of her cropped leather jacket was pulled up over her chin. An array of silver chains on her studded black jacket mirrored the ones decorating her pants. To Jase’s knowing eyes, it was an outfit worthy of a hard-bodied biker bitch. Jase noted approvingly that the skin-tight leather pants described enough curves to confirm that the stealthy figure was indeed a woman, and a damn shapely one at that. The kickass three-inch heels on Sapphire’s thigh-high black leather boots emphasized a pair of long legs and a first class ass.
Jase’s appreciative appraisal was cut short when Ian Ross’s voice echoed Riley’s. His boss’s tense warning grabbed his attention, if not the agent’s in the room.
“Sapphire. This is Colonel Ross. Listen carefully. You need to leave. Now.  It’s Diego Montero. He just drove up.  You have two minutes at most.”
The split screen image flickered to the dark alley, revealing a black paneled van rounding the dingy corner. Jase frowned watching the agent working furiously at the computer while studiously ignoring her commanders’ terse warnings. Sapphire’s shoulders tightened then eased as the flash of a smile washed over her face confirming that she had opened the program.
Riley’s order was sharp, commanding.
“For the last time, Sapphire. Get the hell out of there. Leave the goddammed program. You don’t have time to download it.  Go now, girl. That’s an order!”
Sapphire glanced up to where she must have known the cameras were.  Tossing her head dismissively, she reached up and yanked the com out of her ear then bent back over the laptop.  Reaching in her jacket pocket she pulled out a flash drive and plugged it in the computer.  Nodding appreciatively, she watched the information flying across the screen.
The image on the left side of the split screen revealed a long shadowed hallway. The heavy iron door at the end of the corridor opened with a hard clang.  It didn’t take Riley’s intense voice in the background for Jase to grasp the danger. In the dim light, it was impossible to see the intruder’s face, but light wasn’t necessary to see his body.  Tall, muscular, also dressed in black, he strode purposefully toward the room at the end of the hall. Jase sucked in a deep breath when he saw the tall figure of Diego Montero advancing. The intruder was at most a minute from the office where the beautiful agent huddled intently over the desk.
    “Goddamn you, Sapphire. Abort.  NOW!”
    Even if she had chosen to obey the order, Gabriella couldn’t have escaped. As the door burst open and the large, dark-skinned man entered, she looked up and gave a careless shrug as if she had been expecting him.  Keeping her gaze locked on the fierce man mere feet away from her, she furtively lowered the lid of the laptop obscuring the downloading program.
    The artfully positioned cameras caught the intruder full face. Sharp angles underscored a strong jaw and high cheekbones.  His shoulder-length hair was caught in a leather thong at his nape.  The man might’ve been considered handsome, if not for the web of scars crisscrossing his dark skin. The uneven, crooked arch of his nose spoke to a life that had seen many skirmishes, no doubt more dangerous for his opponents than for him.  The bulge at Montero’s shoulder spoke to a double rig.  The visible blade tucked in the sheath at his waist confirmed that he didn’t feel the need to hide his weaponry. Rather, he wore them artlessly, confirming they were an essential part of his aggressive persona.
His start of surprise when he saw Sapphire quickly became a threatening gleam. The rasp of his voice sent unwelcome shivers up Jase’s spine.  Even though Jase knew he was watching a replay, a scene that had taken place days before, he couldn’t control the adrenalin spiking across his twanging nerves.  The agent who had looked fearsome moments before, now, in contrast to the enormous man in the doorway, looked small, almost slight. Honed by years of fighting dangerous men like the one advancing on Sapphire, Jase’s protective urges flooded his ever-ready body.
The man’s voice was dangerous, filled with an ugly disparaging humor that should’ve scared the shit out of the young woman standing calmly behind the desk.
“Well, well.  Whadda we have here? If it ain’t the snoopy little cunt that’s been flashing her hoo-ha at Alfredo.  I warned him you were up to no good. But that fucking wop can’t see straight if a bikini bizkit is within five feet of ’im. What are you doing, Sugar Tits? Come to leave a note for that randy pal of mine who’s as much use to our operation as four tits on a boar-hog?”
At Sapphire’s dismissive shrug, the enormous man inched forward, his eyes flashing dangerously. A knowing smirk crossed his face. Acknowledging her outfit, he nodded.
“Hmm.  Whatcha wearing, Hoe?  It sure ain’t that G-String and sapphire pasties you was wearing when you were givin’ Alfredo one righteous lap dance last night.”
Montero jerked his head at her outfit, a salacious grin tracking across his face.  
“But I gotta say, all that leather is as big a come-on as them skanky digs you wear at the Club.  You know, the ones that are guaran-damn-teed to make a man blow his pants and fork over his last dollar for a taste of what you was selling.”
Glancing at the laptop, his jaw tightened visibly. Looking from the purring machine to the woman casually standing behind it, he hesitated and then shook his head and frowned, as if seeing her for the first time.  The knowing grimace that lit his face confirmed that he recognized the danger in front of him. Narrowing his eyes, he moved closer, awareness bright in his shifty eyes.
“Now that I think about it, Sugar Tits, you never did put out, did you?  Nope, I gotta feeling all that nooky you were purveying was just a come-on.  Makes me think you were after more than Alfredo’s randy dick and sloppy seconds for the rest of us.”
Rounding the corner of the desk, malevolence spiked his taunting grin.  
“Nope, methinks all that leather might indicate that you’re more interested in the records Alfredo keeps on that laptop than you are in his limp dick.”
The burly man’s eyes gleamed with malicious humor. His voice was soft, insinuating.
“Don’t tell me the sexy little hoe is nothing more than a plant, an undercover snoop? What are you, baby?  A big bad copper?  Or maybe one of those ass-sniffing DEA dogs out to ruin the good thing we got going here?”
Now within inches of her, his predatory intent clear, Montero rasped, “Sorry to break it to you, hotstuff. Even if you are a cop, you still have a righteous ass and before I take you out, I’m gonna have me a hella big helping of that cha-cha you been flashing.” He added with a sneer, “And if all that leather is sayin’ what I think it is, you like it rough, hard. And, honey, I’m here to tell you I’m the man to give it to you.”
Jase’s breath caught in his throat.  The looming man reeked of savage intent.  In his line of work, Jase had seen far too many women who’d faced far too many evil men like the one about to attack the leather-clad agent. Using their massive strength and sociopathic lack of conscience, the sadistic bastards measured their success by the terror on their victims’ faces, their screams of pain and the amount of blood they left on the floor.  Jase was admittedly gratified to see the strain on Ian Ross’s face, and hear the hitch in his breath as he watched the scene playing out in front of them. Even though his boss had likely viewed the ugly footage many times before, like Jase, Ian was no stranger to the brutality men could inflict. The fact that this particular woman had eventually escaped didn’t erase the memories of the countless victims they'd both  seen who tragically hadn’t been strong enough or skilled enough to flee.
Just as Jase was about to give in to his fear that the agent couldn’t possibly have overcome the miscreant who had at least six inches and a hundred-plus pounds on her, Sapphire whirled away from him.  With a loud warrior cry she spun in a circle; then, crouching low, she rose and drove her knee into the bastard’s groin. His startled cry was a mix of pain and outrage. With a fearsome roar he advanced on her but the woman was too quick. Dodging his charge, she whirled again and this time landed her steel-tipped boot squarely against his jaw.  An agonized wail amplified the sound of crunching bone.  The blood spurting from Montero’s mouth confirmed that the blow had done more than break his jaw.
Not content to glory in her charge, the woman flew at him again. But this time she used her fist, ensuring that on the odd chance her kick hadn’t shattered his jaw, the heel of her hand would. Leaping out of the way of her bloodied adversary, and instead of running from the room as she clearly could have done, the gorgeous warrior circled the bellowing man and taunted him.
“You like it rough, asshole?  Good.  Let’s see how you like this.”
She flew through the air in a leap worthy of the acrobats in The New Shanghai Circus. Rising from the floor her leg arching, the heel of her boot connected with his ear. The sound of breaking bone and the burst of blood spewing across the room coupled with the tortured scream from the man crashing to the floor. Righteous anger flashed across the aggressor’s face as she strode toward him.  The satisfied smile, sparked by the clear fury undergirding it, were the first signs of emotion Jase had seen in the icily calm fighter.  
Her triumph at her takedown of the bastard who attacked her had to be the reason she didn’t hear the door open. Glancing up at the sound, she couldn’t hide her surprise at the sight of the man barreling toward her. Not as tall as the unconscious heap on the floor, the new assailant outweighed his unlucky cohort by at least fifty pounds.  The woman overcame her surprise, but not before the rabid bull charged toward her with a furious roar.  She managed to spin to the side, but couldn’t avoid the glancing blow that caught her cheek and drove her to the ground.  Sure that Sapphire couldn’t avoid the attack that was certain to come, Jase grunted in amazement when the intrepid fighter scrambled away from the man about to land on her, forcing him to slam into the corner of the desk instead.
The stream of expletives spewing from the intruder’s mouth underscored his fury at her escape.  But her retreat was short-lived. As she scrambled across the floor struggling to stand, he grabbed her ankle and yanked her to the ground.  Dragging her back he landed a crushing blow on her jaw. Only her wiry move prevented him from breaking it.  Not content to beat his foe to death, the raving man reached to the back of his jeans and pulled out a regulation Smith & Wesson M&P 9. Sucking in an overdue lungful of air, Jase groaned hearing the gunshot. Relief mixing with admiration, Jase took in the amazing sight.  The woman, who had somehow avoided the gun blast from the gorilla on top of her, slithered out from under him, smashing the toe of her boot into his chest.  But her compromised position prevented her from breaking free.  Rearing up, her assailant grabbed for her.
If he hadn’t seen the flash of steel in her hand Jase wouldn’t have believed what happened next. He whistled and glanced over at Ian throwing his boss a disbelieving look.  
His comrade merely shook his head and muttered, “Yes, she’s really something, isn’t she, Jase?”
 At that moment, with a warrior cry, Sapphire struggled up from under the frothing giant and twisted free. Ignoring his outraged bellow, she raised her arm revealing the ten-inch military grade blade in her hand and with a slashing movement drug it across his throat.  The gurgling sound of blood and air escaping from the gaping hole in her attacker’s neck punctuated her victory.
Rising unsteadily to her feet, Sapphire glowered at the dying man. She shook her head in obvious disdain, then leaned down and retrieved her knife. After wiping the bloody weapon on her victim’s pants, she casually tucked it in her boot sheathe. Coolly striding over to the desk, she took the flash drive from the laptop and slid it into her jacket pocket.  Glancing up at the camera, she tossed her head and winked, a slight smile gracing her lovely face. Without a backward glance at the mayhem in her wake, she walked toward the exit.  As she strolled out into the hallway, she swayed her curvy bottom from side to side in a seemingly unconscious gesture.
Jase muttered, correcting himself in mock disgust.
“Unconscious, hell!  That audaciously sexy salute was anything but unconscious!”


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