Friday, September 23, 2022

EXPOSED: Prequel Novella The Criminal Affairs Collection by Taylor Lee - FREE!



·        A renegade police officer infiltrates a dangerous cartel intending to take down its leader.


·        Little does she know that the handsome Drug Lord is a special operative hotshot heading up a mission two years in the making.


·        Learning who the outrageous woman is, the undercover commander does the only thing he can to protect the mission, and her.  He claims her for his own. 


WARNING: Romance so HOT it singes the pages.  HOT, tough, explicit. Not for the faint at heart.  Definitely bring a fan!



Jaxton Hughes trekked up the steep path leading from the resort to the nearby cliffs. The rivers, lakes, and crystal-clear pools dotting the astonishing Belize countryside were surrounded by rangy precipices. Climbing to the top of an outcropping, Jaxton marveled at the glorious sight awaiting him. The tropical paradise, rampant with color and texture, snagged his breath. The startling azure pool, at least twenty feet below his vantage point, was nestled between the craggy cliffs. Exotic multi-hued foliage and a solid bank of native orchids, including the distinctive national flower of Belize, the black orchid, ringed the shining, glass-like water.

Glad that he’d been wise enough to escape the crowded resort, at least for the moment, Jaxton silently thanked the nature gods who created the stunning panorama before him. He needed to clear his head, prepare for the challenging evening ahead. In the years of leading formidable missions, Jax had learned the importance of calming his spirit to ensure that he was emotionally as well as physically prepared for the certain dangers to come.

The peaceful scene below was so incongruous, so contrary to the challenges he was facing, that he might have laughed. Instead he shuddered at the internal warning signs confirming that his well-tuned body knew his trepidations were more than justified. Two years of arduous planning and countless setbacks would be put to the test this weekend. Jax breathed a hard sigh, acknowledging that his team’s chances of success were 70/30—against them.

Breaking from his reverie, Jaxton was startled to see he wasn’t alone. Standing on the edge of an opposing cliff was a woman. Or at least he thought it was a woman. She looked more like an apparition, a phantom. His heart pounding in his chest confirmed that the vision in the filmy white dress was real. Seeing her studying the crystal-clear water below, Jaxton realized to his horror that the woman was preparing to jump. The warning signals that had prepared him for dangerous action in hellholes from Somalia to the Ukraine tightened his nerve endings to snare drum–tautness. Acknowledging the distance between himself and the nymph poised on the edge of the precipice, he was struck by his impotence, his inability to stop her certain-death leap.

Choking on the warning shout trapped in his throat, he saw the slender woman reach for the tie on the back of her dress as if in slow motion. In one easy movement, the gauzy slip slithered to the ground, revealing her naked body.

Jaxton had traveled the globe, righting the wrongs that evil men wreaked on the innocent and the weak. To maintain his sanity and a soupçon of belief that good lived somewhere alongside the inhumanity of malevolent men, he sought respite in the arms of beautiful women. Stunned, Jaxton acknowledged that in all of his erotic romps seeking relief from the terrors of his world, he had never seen a more beautiful woman than the slender, blonde goddess poised on the edge of the forbidding cliff. A literal Venus rising from the water, she stole his breath.

To his shock, the sylphlike vision swept her hands high above her head. Before Jax could exhale the stifling air trapped in his chest and shout out a warning, the naked apparition rose on her tiptoes and dove headfirst into the gleaming pool a lifetime below.

Jax watched with his heart in his throat as the nymph on the cliff rose in a graceful leap and dove into the glistening pool at the foot of the sheer embankment. It took a full minute of watching her frolic in the sparkling water below for Jax to acknowledge that she hadn’t been planning to commit suicide. Rather, her breathtaking high dive into the distant pool was merely an audacious stunt, a raised middle finger to the adrenaline gods. When he’d managed to get his lungs and heart functioning at semi-normal rates, Jax marveled at her daring. Christ, and he thought he was an adrenaline junkie. But what had changed his perception of the entire incident was watching her scramble naked up the side of the cliff to retrieve her abandoned clothing.

Poised on the top of the precipice before her jump, she had been surreal, Aphrodite-like. Too beautiful and too unexpected to be real. But there was nothing about her bare ass that was surreal. Hell no. Her scampering climb up the steep embankment underscored the strong muscles in her arms, legs, and most especially, her gorgeous ass. Her toned cheeks, with the enticing crack separating them, were covered with lush feminine curves that had his prick surging in appreciation. But it was when she got to the top of the hill and lazily reached for the nearly transparent cover-up that his dick went into overdrive.

As she bent over to retrieve the garment, Jax was able to fully appreciate her luscious breasts, with water beading on the tips of her peaked nipples. When she stood up, straight and tall, he saw for the first time that her mons was bare—not so much as a dusting of hair marred the mouthwatering view at the apex of her thighs. With a harsh groan, he relinquished his breath. It was simply impossible to look at her and breathe at the same time. It was then that she saw him.

Visibly startled, her eyes had widened in surprise. For a long moment, she stood still, clutching her dress at her side. And then she did something that Jax knew he would remember for the rest of his life. She smiled. Her lips curving in a cheeky grin, she met his eyes and lifted her chin in a defiant gesture. He could almost hear her expel a deep breath as she raised her arms over her head, ensuring that there wasn’t an inch of her body he hadn’t seen. With an insolent shrug, she allowed the gossamer garment to float over her naked form. She stood for a moment, holding his gaze, then turned and ran the rest of the way to the top of the hill. At the precipice, she paused and looked over her shoulder. Giving him a saucy wave of her fingers, she disappeared over the crest.



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