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Unforgettable Courage: Protection and Loyalty Collection

$0.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers


When the stakes are high, and hearts are on the line...
That’s the time you need UNFORGETTABLE COURAGE.

NINE high-octane romances!

From a missing president's daughter to escaping serial killers, hiding from human traffickers to protecting a political target, secret agents and hostages to uncovering hidden murders and outrunning organized crime, these heroic men and women must dodge bullets and defeat baddies all while falling in love - not exactly a walk in the park.

Curl up with your Kindle and these thrilling, action-packed, full-length romantic suspense novels by the bestselling and award-winning ladies of The Authors' Billboard.

Mimi Barbour – Special Agent Storm: How can a woman look into an ultrasound machine & see a baby growing in her tummy when she hasn't been with a man for - well forever?!
“What do you mean I'm pregnant? Trust me, Doc. It's impossible."

Rachelle Ayala – Preying Heart: He’s a reclusive survivalist. She’s on the run for her life. He takes her in on one condition: that she never leaves his property.

Rebecca York – Life Force: What’s Matthew’s secret of living for over 500 years? Kidnapping his lady friend is just the first on the dying billionaire’s ways to extract cooperation from the immortal.

Patricia Rosemoor – Curse of Slater House: Tagline: Buried within the walls of Slater House lives a tale of lost love and not-so-accidental death.

J.L. Campbell – Taming Celeste: One woman's quest to outrun her past leads her into the dangerous world of software piracy.

Susanne Matthews – The White Carnation: Can they catch the Harvester before he finds Faye and reaps another prize?

Taylor Lee – The Courage to Triumph: Caught in a hotbed of White Supremacist activists, both Ava and Luke become the targets. Not only do they have to overcome the constant danger, but Luke and Ava must decide if they can give their love a second chance.

Nancy Radke – Keeping Tatum Safe: What happens when two people with false identities fall in love?

Katy Walters – Lady Venetia’s Vow: Clinging onto the hope her fiancĂ© is still alive, Lady Venetia vows to find him, even if she has to travel alone through war-torn Europe. A Regency Romance.

The Ex Who Conned a Psychic by Sally Berneathy



Third book in Charley’s Ghost series
by USA Today Bestselling Author Sally Berneathy

Amanda is still haunted by her ex-husband, Charley…literally haunted. He’s stuck between this life and the next, unable to move on, unable to get more than a couple of hundred feet away from Amanda and unwilling to go even that far. She’d like to take a shower without worrying about him peeking, to have a phone conversation without him listening and commenting, to have a date with the hot Detective Jake Daggett. Jake has asked, but a threesome with Charley doesn’t sound like fun.

Her new friend Teresa, a professional psychic and medium, may be able to help. However, before she moves Charley on to the next life, she needs his help in contacting her own dead husband to find out who murdered him. His ghost isn’t talking, and if they can’t find his killer, Teresa could go to prison. Amanda would lose not only a friend but also the possibility of getting rid of Charley. The facilities for spiritual progression in prison are limited.

While Amanda is trying to help Teresa find her husband’s murderer, a man from Charley’s past shows up with a document signed by Charley giving him possession of Amanda’s motorcycle shop and apartment. Surely Ronald Collins doesn’t really believe he get can away with that, but after he shoots Amanda’s live oak tree and burns her truck, she realizes the man is serious…and psychotic.

Amanda just wanted to get rid of her ghost. Now she has a killer, a crazy man, and two ghosts in her life.

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Read an Excerpt from Jude by Taylor Lee



JUDE, Book 2 in USA Today best-selling author Taylor Lee’s provocative new series, The Justice Brothers.

•A shockingly gruesome murder
•An arrogant go-it-alone homicide detective
•A quirky intelligence analyst known for her brains and Clark Kent glasses
•Together they discover that Justice—like Love-- isn’t always fair or easy.

WARNING: Romance so HOT it singes the pages. HOT, tough, explicit. Not for the faint at heart. Definitely bring a fan!


As she walked slowly from one aspect of the horrific tableau to another, Skylar Hughes couldn’t ignore the human drama playing out around her. She knew most of the Justice family. She’d met Jared Justice, the youngest of the infamous brothers, when she worked as an intelligence analyst in the Washington, DC DEA office.

The one Justice brother she hadn’t met before tonight was Jude. The tall, overwhelming detective had just arrived from his stint as the lead homicide detective in the highflying LAPD. Prior to that, like his brother Jared, he’d served six years as a Delta team member. Arriving in Duluth, his commander brother had appointed him to head up the homicide division. All the Justice brothers were sinfully good-looking, and Jude was no exception. Watching the shaggy, dark-haired man with the piercing emerald eyes direct the investigation, Sky was struck by how much he resembled his younger brother Jared. Except that Jude was even more dangerous looking than Jared, which was akin to comparing Charlie Hunnam to Travis Fimmel. Like the rest of the family, Jude was clearly accustomed to a leadership role. He commanded the CSI team with few words. His powerful aura ensured that everyone on site, including his commander brother, deferred to him.

Along with the rest of the CSI team, Skylar stood back when the shattered Parker offspring entered and saw the hideous corpses of their parents. Somehow, the Justice men managed to keep the screaming sisters and their brother from collapsing. After many too-long moments of shrieking questions, sobbing entreaties begging to hear that the horrendous scene wasn’t real, and asking again and again, “Why? Why? Who? Who could have done this?” the Justice men led the devastated group from the library.

Jared had his arm wrapped tightly around a sobbing Blake while his grandfather and Jorden were each holding, half-carrying the wailing sisters. Seeing the troubled expressions on Jake and Jude’s faces as they watched the distraught party stumble from the room, Skylar was surprised to feel moisture on her cheeks. Sky rarely acknowledged her emotions, but even she couldn’t tamp down the surprising grief she felt at the hideous family tragedy playing out in front of her. But then it would take a heartless automaton not to be affected by the catastrophic event she was peripheral to.

After the family left, the CSI team went to work. Murmured questions and Detective Justice’s clipped orders were virtually the only sounds as the industrious team worked steadily for the next several hours. At one point Commander Justice announced that there was coffee in the hallway. Skylar heard him but was too intent on her observations to consider leaving. A moment later, Jared tapped her on the shoulder and handed her a bottle of water. When she started to refuse, he shook his head, removed the cap and said curtly, “Drink it, short stuff. We’re hours away from being done.”

Skylar stepped back against the wall and sipped at the water. Preoccupied as she was, she hadn’t realized how thirsty she’d become, and acknowledged Jared with a grateful smile. When she drained the last drop, she walked out into the hallway to dispose of the bottle. Eager to get back to her work she returned to the library, determinedly shoving her glasses higher up on her nose. It was a nervous habit she had since she began wearing the thick lenses after her elementary school nurse had declared her almost sightless. Walking by Detective Justice, she saw that he was studying her. Realizing that he likely didn’t know who she was, she thought about introducing herself. But given the deep frown creasing his brow and the rigid set of his jaw, she decided introductions could wait.

Jude knew most of the CSI squad from his previous life. Almost all of them had grown up in the port city or somewhere on the Iron Range, if not one of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Which made the dark-haired pixie working the crime scene an outlier.

Through the fog of the murder investigation Jude had noticed the young woman early on. Unlike the rest of the squad who came armed with their specialized equipment and who all seemed to know one another, the small woman was clearly a loner. Not only was she sans equipment, but he never once saw her speak to any of the team. Rather, she moved from spot to spot inches at a time, as if each square inch held the answer to an unasked question if she only stared at it long enough.

Jude had intended to ask Jake or Jared who she was, but in the flurry of hideous activity he hadn’t bothered. As the night wore on and dawn was threatening, he saw Jared bring the newcomer a bottle of water. For a moment he focused on her, noting again how young she seemed. And frankly, how unappealing. Her short, spiky coal-black hair looked like it had been chopped by dull scissors, likely wielded by their owner. Her body wasn’t bad, at least what he could see of it. The shapeless black t-shirt hinted at some nice curves, but her baggy cargo pants masked her ass, making it impossible for him to judge its worthiness. He realized that her would-be stylish platform sandals were intended to make her look taller. Which was a problem. Being as big as he was, Jude avoided short women. He liked his women tall and leggy. Like Hailey Michel’s, his brother Jared’s latest stunning squeeze.

Seeing the intent young woman shove her glasses higher up on her nose, he huffed dismissively. Along with her short stature and misshapen clothes, Jude decreed that the thick lenses were a decided third strike against the unfamiliar woman.

Sidling up to his brother, he nodded in the direction of the pixie. “Who’s the squirt, Jared? The one with the specs?”

Jared laughed. “Her name is Skylar Hughes. I brought her with me from DC.”

Surprised, Jude stared at his smiling brother through narrowed eyes. “She a cop?”

When Jared shook his head, Jude pressed, “Agent?”

Jared shrugged. “Nope, neither.”

Worn out by the night’s hideous work, Jude’s temper flared at his brother’s flippant non-answers. “Then what the hell is she doin’ here, bro?”

Jared shrugged again. “She’s an intelligence analyst. I introduced her to Jake and he hired her on the spot.”

Not satisfied, Jude persisted. “Is she badged?”

Jared chuckled. “Nope, but relax, brother. The weapon she carries is more powerful than all of ours put together.”

“Huh?” Jude glared at his amused kin and asked in a low voice not hiding his annoyance, “And what weapon might that be, asshole?”

            Jared paused, then pointed to his head and grinned. “Her brain.”


Thursday, October 27, 2022

so many secrets (BREAKDOWN Book 2) by Vicki Hinze

$3.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers



Seven years ago, Dr. Dana Perkins came to idyllic Shutter Lake seeking safety from a traumatic experience in Phoenix. She became the principal at Shutter Lake School—and found her refuge . . . until Sylvia Cole was killed and one of Dana’s best and brightest students, Vinn Bradshaw, confessed to the murder. A murder Dana is certain he didn’t commit. But who is he protecting? Why? Seeking the truth shatters Dana’s safety. Yet who could have predicted proving Vinn innocent would jeopardize her friends and neighbors . . . and expose so many secrets?

The novel, so many secrets, is part of a groundbreaking, fast paced 4-book suspense series that will keep you turning pages until the end. Advance reviews describe BREAKDOWN as "unique," "brilliant" and "the best series of the year." The complete series includes the dead girl by Debra Webb, so many secrets by Vicki Hinze, all the li

His Soldier Under Siege (The Riley Code Book 2) by Regan Black



She’s the soldier but he’s the only one who can protect her...

When army nurse Grace Ann Riley is framed for a heinous crime, the shell-shocked major is unsure where to turn. Enter her no-strings-attached lover Derek Sayer, who resolves to help her disprove these allegations. Derek works to exonerate Grace Ann while trying—and failing—to keep his growing feelings at bay. He’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe—even if that means risking his life.

Rooted in love and bound by honor, read The Riley Code series:

A Soldier’s Honor

His Soldier Under Siege

From Harlequin Romantic Suspense: Danger. Drama. Passion. 

Chapter 1

At the nurses’ station of the orthopedic post-op ward, US Army Major Grace Ann Riley peeked at the monitor showing the status of various ongoing procedures in the surgery suites. So far this morning there’d been no update on Kevin Sayer, the patient everyone in her unit was watching for. Coping with a seriously injured friend was proving to be one of the biggest challenges in her career.
It was too soon for updates, even without factoring in the notorious unpredictability of spinal surgeries. Deliberately, professionally, she shifted her focus to the busy day ahead. Brooding wouldn’t be any help to her or the patients under her care. She could indulge that need—and burn off any other stressors—after her shift.
Most days Grace Ann relished the demands of her current rotation here at Walter Reed. Each day posed new hurdles and new successes. She put her heart and mind into every shift, leaving pleasantly exhausted, but rewarded as well. Today couldn’t be different, couldn’t be less, not even with the distraction of a teammate in the operating room. The post-op patients under her care needed her full attention. What she did made a difference, in the lives of her patients and for the families waiting for them to come home whole. Or as whole as possible, in some cases.
Her father always said a good nurse could change a soldier’s world. Of course her father, the highly decorated and equally beloved General Benjamin Riley, had met an army nurse early in his career and been smart enough to marry her. Thinking of her parents eased some of the ache weighing on her heart today and put a little spring in her step. The rubber soles of her shoes squeaked against the flooring as she aimed her stride toward the room at the end of the hallway.
She checked the name on the chart: Trisha Jenkins. Pushing open the door, she smiled and introduced herself. “Good morning. I’m Grace Ann and I’ll be your nurse today.”
The woman lying in the bed gave a weak smile in return, squirming to sit up a bit more. “Trisha,” she rasped. “Your patient.”
“My mother is a Patricia. Occasionally a few people have shortened it to Tricia,” Grace Ann said, establishing common ground. “But it never caught on. I heard my dad call her Patty once and I thought she’d deck him.”
Trisha coughed out a little laugh. “My parents didn’t give anyone the option.”
“Smart.” Grace checked Trisha’s pulse first and then used her stethoscope to check heart and lung sounds. “My advice? Get as much mileage out of that sexy voice as possible,” Grace Ann teased while she noted the vital signs in the chart. “How is your knee feeling?”
“Like an overstuffed sausage,” Trisha replied.
“That sounds about right for the first day after an ACL repair.” She assessed the dressing and anti-inflammation protocol. Satisfied, she gave her patient a rundown of what to expect through the day. “The surgeon, or one of his associates, will probably come by in another hour or so. Physical therapy should be here by ten,” she explained. “Getting up will be an adventure, but worth it.”
“Adventure as in a water park vacation or adventure as in training to become a paratrooper at airborne school?” Trisha asked.
“Well, I suppose that depends on whether you’re more afraid of water or heights.” Hearing the raspy chuckle, she knew this soldier would be back on duty sooner rather than later. “Keep in mind, Rome wasn’t rebuilt in a day.”
“Got it.”
Grace Ann double-checked Trisha’s pain levels and medications. She listed the names of the care team for the day and encouraged Trisha to press the call button if she needed anything. At the sound of the cafeteria cart rattling down the hallway, Grace Ann stepped out to collect Trisha’s breakfast tray.
On a normal shift, concerns ran the gamut from pain management to mind-set and soothing anxious family members. Some patients pushed the envelope of recovery, getting up and out of bed too soon. She preferred that kind of trouble over the challenges of those emotionally crippled by their injuries. She put a little tag on Trisha’s chart so the team would watch out for the too-much-too-soon sort of problems there.
Continuing with her rounds, Grace Ann kept one eye on the clock, along with everyone else on duty. The orthopedic ward wasn’t the easiest of assignments and burnout was real. The wounded warriors they cared for put specific faces on the concepts of sacrifice and risks of a military career. But her sense of drive and commitment to helping others helped her, too. Whenever she saw hope or courage chase despair from the faces of recovering patients, it gave her positive ammunition against the ugly memories haunting her after her last deployment overseas.
Having one of their own in surgery for injuries sustained during a training exercise made each minute feel like an hour. There were risks in training, of course, but precautions as well. Drills and exercises weren’t supposed to be career-ending. Sure, accidents happened, but rarely enough in the current environment that most of them took fitness and wellness for granted.
Not anymore.


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