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FORBIDDEN: Book 1 in USA Today best-selling author Taylor Lee’s Sizzling Hot Detective Series, The Criminal Affairs Collection.
•She’d almost erased the memory of the outrageous undercover agent who’d captured her heart while betraying her soul.

•To her horror, the devious man she’d relegated to the ash bin of her tortured pride reappeared. As her commanding officer, no less.

•Certain that he could control his reaction to the renegade detective he’d betrayed, the arrogant agent accepted the command of her elite unit.

•It only took a fusillade of challenging skirmishes to prove that far from being over, their fierce affair was stronger than ever with the power to take them both down. 

WARNING: Romance so HOT it singes the pages. HOT, tough, explicit. Not for the faint at heart. Definitely bring a fan!

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Refusing to believe what she was seeing, Viviana Moreau grabbed the edge of her desk and held on for dear life. She knew if she didn’t, she was likely to crash to the floor. Snagging a frantic gasp of air, she did what she could to breathe, but the bile surging in her throat made it impossible. Swallowing the vile gush, willing herself not to faint, Viviana acknowledged the unbelievable sight in front of her.

Standing between Commissioner Davis and Police Chief “Mac” McElroy was the man she’d promised herself she would banish from her memory if it were the last thing she did. Now, three months after seeing him for the last time, Viviana was proud that she’d succeeded. At least, she’d managed not to think about him during most of her waking hours. But even as determined and fierce as Viviana was, she’d been unable to contain her sleeping time. If tossing and turning in her bed each night careening from the lust tearing at her body and the rage her mind couldn’t contain constituted sleeping. When she allowed herself to face the truth, Viviana admitted that her nighttime dramas, make that nightmares, were the most erotic elements of her life. Almost as erotic as what had actually happened.

Peeking a glance at the tall, dark-haired man standing in the doorway of the Violent Crimes Unit headquarters, Viviana looked down when he turned his gaze toward her. Grasping for what little control she had and shoving at her roiling gut, she acknowledged that the commanding man knew what few men did. He knew what she looked like naked. Not only naked—as in without clothing—but naked to the essence of her soul. As bad as that was, and it truly would be her undoing, she also knew what he looked like naked. Astonishingly lean, muscular, and without a doubt sporting the most impressive penis she’d ever seen, the handsome-as-sin man had done to her what no other man had dared attempt. He’d taken her in ways that she hadn’t known were possible and in the process had touched the erotic core of her very being. A core she hadn’t known existed. Even now, remembering his sexy command “No games, sweetheart—only the ones I want to play…” sent a storm of unwanted sensations riveting between her legs.

Clinging to the edge of the desk, Viviana forced the X-rated scenes that were swirling across her ravaged brain to vanish and made herself remember who he truly was. In addition to being the only man who had ever dared to breach her defenses and connect with a libidinous nature she didn’t know she had, he had thoroughly and egregiously used her. As if she were an unwitting pawn on a chessboard, he’d pretended to want her, to desire her. But it was all a hideous ruse. And unknowing simpleton that she was, she’d fallen for the powerful, deceitful Lothario even though at the time she’d thought he was part of the violent cartel she was infiltrating. She now knew that when he had discovered she was an undercover cop and was likely to blow his cover and fuck up his high-level mission, the bastard had decided to fuck her instead.

When the mission came to a hideous end and she would have been killed by one of the vile cartel members, to her shock, the man she’d known as a drug dealer had revealed himself. Risking his life, he overpowered the head of the cartel and killed her assailant but not before the vicious man shot Viviana. In the chaos that ensued, the blinding pain from the bullet in her side blessedly plunged her into unconsciousness. Incongruously, the last thing she heard was her would-be lover holding her and insistently murmuring in her ear, “Breathe, baby, dammit, breathe.”

After she regained consciousness, her distraught SJPD captain, who had flown to Belize to bring her home, told Viviana the truth about the multilayered mission she’d inadvertently stumbled into. Apparently the special operative team led by her cunning lover was close to taking the Morales cartel down. Viviana’s renegade and ill-formed attempt to capture one of the cartel leaders had nearly torpedoed an international operation that was two years in the planning.

In addition to being horrified at the damage she could have caused, Viviana had to deal with an even more devastating challenge. Now, three months after returning to duty in her role as a sergeant in the elite San Jose Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit, Viviana forced herself to admit that the man who had worked his way into her body and her spirit had used her. More flagrantly than she’d ever used the men she targeted in her undercover roles. She acknowledged with no small amount of pride that her undercover “slut on the make” reputation was well-earned. She was known as a cock-teasing tart who never gave her target anything but a rock-hard dick they never got to satisfy. It was a reputation Viviana was proud of—frankly a rep she reveled in. Until someone even more duplicitous than she was had turned the tables. She admitted that the man now standing in the doorway had used her as blatantly as she’d used the most despicable criminal she’d ever taken down. She also admitted that she’d never known how deeply that ugly action could hurt.

Forcing herself to take several deep breaths, Viviana managed to look at the trio of authoritative men in the front of the room. She knew both Commissioner Davis and Chief McElroy well. She should, given the number of run-ins she had with them. The two imposing men had been only marginally successful keeping her untoward behavior somewhat close to the required line. But it was the serious, emerald-eyed man standing between them, who at that moment met her gaze, that caused her heart to skip several beats. Too late, she acknowledged that she recognized him. The slight upward tilt at the corner of his mouth confirmed that as before, he knew more about her than she likely knew about herself.



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