Saturday, January 7, 2023

Spies, Lies and Chocolate Pies by Sally Berneathy



Book 8 in USA Today Bestselling series, Death by Chocolate

Fred’s wife is found dead. Murdered. Skewered to a tree with an arrow.

Lindsay has lived next door to Fred for three years and this is the first she’s heard of a wife.

Two days after the body of Fred’s wife is found, Lindsay's ex, Rick, goes missing. His girlfriend du jour, Grace, thinks it’s foul play. Lindsay thinks he’s simply being the slimeball he’s always been. Fred thinks he may have been murdered.

Suddenly Fred declares that Lindsay’s life is in danger, but he won’t tell her why. Lindsay declares Fred is being paranoid…until a figure steps out of the darkness and grabs her.

Fred is a man with many secrets.

Those secrets may get Lindsay killed.

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