Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Terrene Magic: Witch Guardian Romance by Caryn Moya Block



Series Finale

The Amhurst Twins, Chelsea and Eileen, soon discover that life is more than being the daughters of the Speaker of the Witches’ Council and flirting with the good-looking Guardians that work for their father. They will need to pull on all of their magical reserves and talents in order to save their world from the Marwolaeth.

Seth MacDonald is the youngest member of the Witch Guardian Police Force, but being a Lycan gives him benefits that his fellow witch members don’t have. When he finds himself and his future mate, Chelsea, in another dimension, he will need every one of his Lycan gifts to keep them alive.

Curtis Brandt is the famous Librarian, Fire Wizard, and Curator of the Magical Library and Artifacts Repository. But when it comes to social situations, like finding his Destined One, he’s in the dark. When he realizes that Eileen is his Destined One, he must join her in protecting their world from the Marwolaeth, even if his magic could kill her.

For the most enjoyment, it is suggested that you read this series in order.

The Witch Guardian Romance Series
Destined Magic
Aerial Magic
Fiery Magic
Aqua Magic
Terrene Magic

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