Wednesday, June 28, 2023




Delaney's GROOMS

"You don't own a tux shop for forty years and not know a little something about romance."—Karl Delaney

You've Just Seen Your New Mommy!

Ring bearer Patrick O'Connor pulled that note out of his jacket right after he'd gazed out the tux shop window at a pretty lady. Patrick thought girls were icky, but he wanted to find a woman for his dad. Sure, they were best buds—but a kid needed a

Jack knew that his son was infatuated with Sandi Galloway—who could blame the kid for having good taste? She'd make a great nanny for Patrcik—heck, Jack wouldn't mind some good-night kisses himself! And when Jack was in danger of losing Patrick, Sandi made for a great "pretend" wife. But
Mrs. Jack O'Connor? Sandi didn't look like any mother Jack ever knew. Then again, maybe that's why Patrick asked her to marry them...for real.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Do You Take This Man... by Linda Wisdom



Where were you when the lights when out?

A funny thing happened on the way to the altar….

Dru St. James: In the limo, just minutes from the chapel and her waiting fiancé, she got a bride's biggest shock: a big fat run in her stocking, right below her garter!

Sam Winslow: He was on his way to introduce his three kids to his new fiancée when the greatest parenting crisis struck: his daughter's bra strap broke!

That was how they all ended up—wedding gown and all—trapped inside a department store when the West Coast's biggest blackout hit. When the lights came back on, there'd be only one bride and one groom saying "I do." Which would they be?

What some people will do in the dark!

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Vegas Vows by Linda Wisdom




Come to the World of Weddings!

The Honorable Hannibal Jones, formerly of the Strip Drive-In Wedding Service and Mona’s Chapel of Love, is now presiding over the World of Weddings, leading all those dear men and women into blessed matrimony and providing them with special memories of their joining.

We can give you the fairytale wedding of your dreams. Whether you want your spiritual connection to be held in the Amazon jungle, complete with bird calls and native attendants, or on another planet with aliens of your choice, our advisors can arrange it.

Music, videos, photographs, flowers, special costumes and cake are available for an additional fee. Take advantage of our newest offering: your choice of an Elvis or Wayne Newton look-alike singing “We’ve Only Just Begun.”

If vows sadly disintegrate within six months we offer a 50% discount on your second glorious nuptials!
Vegas TV talk show host Robyn Sinclair hates the idea of a week of shows about weddings at the new make-your-fantasy-come-true chapel almost as much as she hates weddings in general. But as soon as chapel manager Matt Dylan meets Robyn, he can think of nothing else but tying the knot. With her! Sparks fly as these two professionals are forced to work together and pursue their own Vegas Vows.

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